How to pronounce Bebe?

  1. Is Bebe pronounced "Bee Bee," or "Bay Bay?" Or "Beh Beh?"

    I actually have NO idea, and would like to know, haha. And it means "baby," but in what language?
  2. Beh-Bay, French :smile:
  3. Are you talking about the boutique Bebe or just the word?
  4. ^ the boutique/store is pronounced "bee-bee." i know that for sure.
  5. and in spanish bebe means baby
  6. i pronouce is BEE BEE...:smile:
  7. i call it "beh beh"

  8. :yes: When I called the store they answered the phone "Bee-Bee"
  9. i have always thought that it was "bay bay".
  10. the word "bébé" (beh-beh with é like in "voulez vous") means baby in french.
    Don´t know about how to pronouce the brand name.
  11. :P Straight from the Bebe website FAQ section...

    How do you pronounce the name of your company? What does bebe mean?
    It is pronounced "bee-bee." bebe was founded as a San Francisco boutique in 1976 by Manny Mashouf, the company's Chairman and Founder. The name bebe was selected because it represented the philosophy of the time ("to be or not to be") as well as other multilingual meanings including the Persian name for the queen in a deck of cards and the Turkish word for woman.
  12. Well! Live and learn. I've been calling it "bay bay" too. Too many French classe in high school and college I guess. :shrugs:
  13. Yep! I called the customer service line in college once, and it said "Thank you for calling Bee-bee."
  14. Thank you:flowers:
  15. I wish it were pronounced Beh-Beh! Bee-Bee is kinda..:Push: