how to pronounce Batignolles?

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  1. does any one know?
  2. i think that why i stayed away from buying this bag, cause i can't pronouce it ><
  3. Batin-yol? I have no idea lol.
  4. haah. i really wanna get this bag for my mom.. but tooo scard to call in to ask them to put it on hold.. hahah
  5. I think it's "Batin-no", at least thats how I pronounced it.......I would call and say, "Hi, I wanted to get the monogram purse that has a vertical or horozontal choice, you know the one, the _____" and let the SA fill in the blank for you.....then you don't have to pronounce it!...LOL...
  6. good idea.. i'll do that.. hahah
  7. It's pronunced bah-ti-nyoll

    (the bah is more like "ba" as in bat...but not so flat sounding. If you say the whole word, it should sound something like bahteenyol, the teen-yol between the n and y are kind of slurred together. Kind of hard to explain, maybe CEC can come explain better.)

    If you do a search you can find many threads about this :smile:
  8. Please do a search for Pronunciation in the Louis Vuitton Reference Library. There are a few different threads on this.
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