How to proceed with ebay dilemma

  1. I listed a bag on ebay specifically stating U.S. shipping only, that I would not ship internationally. An ebayer from south korea emailed asking if I would consider shipping and I replied back that I would prefer to keep the listing U.S. only. Well, she bid (fixed format aution) and I refuse to honor her BIN bid. How do I proceed with ebay? There was one more day on the auction and she interrupted it. I'm beyond peeved and just want to relist.
  2. Just curious-is this woman's eBay ID ekkiny ?

    Anyway-when I was doing eBay-I said in my ad US only-if someone outside of the US bids-I will cancel your bid. And, then I did that-I had people bid and I would just cancel their bid. Maybe you can do that.
  3. No, that's not the ID. I can't find a cancel the bid link...
  4. I don't think you can end the auction if there is less than 24 hours left. I could be wrong.
  5. I can't cancel the bid because she bought the item with BIN so the auction has already closed. I sent ebay an email under the dispute option and will see what they say. I don't want to pay to relist.

    Why are people so stupid? I'd leave her negative feedback but she'd only retaliate so I'm chocking this up to "people with no skills"... sadly they seem to be overtaking the population.
  6. Why are people so stupid? That is the eternal question roey..:shrugs:
  7. how annoying!
    can't the whole thing be cancelled? hopefully someone with some more experience will explain?
  8. Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Youd should definitely report her to eBay for UNWELCOME BIDDING -- that is an eBay infraction and eBay's Safe Harbor Team will deal with it accordingly (as long as your auction terms clearly stated your policies and she went against your terms). There's a link on this --
    Unwelcome and Malicious Buying -- under "Some Examples" there's the link to "Report a buyer who participated in a listing without meeting the listing terms." Make sure you do that and also go through the Unpaid Item process to get your Final Value Fee credit back.
    This happened to me several times over the last 2 weeks, all on high-value items....and I had a big warning statement IN RED on the very top of my auction listing page stating my policies & bidder requirements clearly. Some people in this world just can't read. Other instances are simply pure malicious bidding. One such bidder (who did a buy-it-now when she didn't meet my bidders requirements) e-mailed me right afterwards to say she was "overly excited about the item" that she didn't read through all the terms, and that she still requested shipping to an overseas, PayPal-NON-Confirmed address (when I emphasized I cannot do that). Another one of those bad apples was a -1 feedback bidder (overall score -1) -- she e-mailed me before auction ending to 1) request shipping to an overseas, non-confirmed address, 2) request the item in a completely different color. I have all my auctions set automatically to block out any bidders with <0 feedback (as well as those with >2 unpaid item strikes, etc.), and with that auction ending in just a few hours, I didn't even bother responding to those ridiculous questions, thinking that my auction set-up would automatically block her bid (coming from a bidder with overall score -1). Well guess what, that person attempted to place a bid, found her bid rejected by default, and immediately registered for a new eBay account -- now that's a 0-feedback, brand new account....though my instructions specified I don't take 0-feedback bidders, there's no way the auction system can be fine-tuned to block out those new bidders (only can adjust settings to block out those with <0 feedback), so she did a buy-it-now and the auction ended. Then right afterwards she e-mails me ADMITTING the whole thing (got a new eBay account just so that she could bid in my auction, etc.) and requests all sorts of special payment/shipping arrangements which I'd specified that I couldn't accept.
  9. ahh Roey, there are some nightmare buyers out there at the moment.
    I would relist immediately and pay for that relist, because ebay will get around to refunding you for the original listing.
    Can you also contact the other bidders on your new auction and tell them the new item number and why you have relisted. Sometimes, its better to not use buy it now these days :sad:.
    Hope it works out well next time around.
  10. Also...there is an option under your preferences (I can't honestly remember where it is right now) that ONLY allows bidders from the countries you specify!
    This will take care of your problem in the future.
  11. that's crazy good luck
  12. I used that too. I was getting VERY uneasy at the number of overseas transactions that were coming in on my Louboutins in particular! It also is such a headache to ship overseas!!

    Fortunately I never had anything come of the overseas transaction, so I guess I got off very lucky!