How to price Speedy 30 for sale

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  1. I have a Speedy 30 purchased from back in 2003 for $480. It has nice patina and is in perfect condition inside and out - no water spots, no stains at all. A friend of mine at work wants to buy it - not a good friend but a friendly colleague. While I have been thinking about selling for awhile, I am not sure how to price it. Obviously I want as much as possible but do not want to overprice either. Should I be expected to lose some money because it has been used, or make some money because the retail price has increased to $560? Pic attached. Thanks LV addicts! :biggrin:
  2. I tend to sell my bags at a much lower price..but thats just so I can afford a new bag that I am impatient to get..If you arent needing the money..then go higher!..
  3. There are lots of Speedy 30's for sale on Ebay -- check to see what one of comparable age and condition sells for as an indication of a fair market price.
  4. I'd say $300-400 would be fair. I wouldn't take a penny less than $250.
  5. I just paid 350 Canadian for mine,Its used,in good condition.
  6. Yr bag looks like it has a gorgeous honey brown color and on Ebay would EASILY go for at least $400.. Don't go below $300!! Or if you.. I'll buy it!!! :nuts:
  7. I don't know if it is just me but I don't like the leather too patinaed. I will pay more for a lighter colored one than the darker ones.
  8. Yea, I agree with Kahlua, Just tell her you'e like $400 and see what she says. If she goes for it great. If not, then you can come down a little bit.

    I have been watching Speedies religiously for the last 2 weeks (finally I got two, a 25 and a 30, yippee). But the two I saw that I really wanted were BARELY used and HARDLY any patina, and they were asking about $425 including shipping. But again their handles were not patina-ed. And they were practically new

    So, I think you should start at $400 and go from there.

    Good luck! :smile:
  9. ^^^I agree $400 would be a fair price. If I was in the same situation as you, I could see myself selling it for $300/$325 to a friend, $400 to an acquaintance. At $400 it's a good deal for the buyer.
  10. That's A Great Idea
  11. I purchased a mono speedy 30 from Ebay; same condition. I paid $399 plus shipping. Honestly, it was worth every penny!! I love the patina on it and just like yours, it was in excellent condition.
  12. Why don't you start with a low bid and watch the bidding. Speedy's are so popular you should get a good price.
  13. I just bought a 30 in very similar condition for $405. The patina looks perfect, and many people prefer that color to the new leather...