How to price LV on Ebay?

  1. I know many of you have the expertise of selling your old LV's on ebay. I have a few LV bags that I don't use anymore and am thinking of selling them on ebay to make way for some new stuff! Problem is, I've never sold anything on ebay before and the process seems kind of complicated. Pricing is something I can't quite figure out. I've looked up identical bags on ebay to see what they're listed at, but there seems to be such a wide range of prices for the same bag, regardless of the condition of the bag. :confused1:

    I've heard its customary to expect to sell for 50% of what you originally paid on LV bags. Is this true?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. it really depends on the condition of the item and also popularity of the bag.

    For example Speedy in really good condition tend to go for really high.
    but other less popular bags go for less. I sold my excentri-cite on ebay maybe 6 months ago ro so and has to really cut the price because no one was bidding. it really was just not a popular bag.

    You can do a search on ebay to see what bags similar to yours are going for.
  3. I've never sold handbags, but this is what I look for and what I've noticed:

    Condition of the bags (like new tend to go for slightly less than retail while heavy patina bags go for much less...sometimes greater than 50% if the bag isn't a popular style or if the bag is extremely loved).
    No reserve/low initial bids (like $.99) tend to be for bags that either are in not great condition or the style is really popular and the seller is confident that the price will go way up
    Your reputation can play a big role on how the price will end up when the auction ends. Some sellers are successful at selling bags at really high prices because they have a huge selling history/excellent feedback.
    Time frame (when the auction begins/ends and the time of year you place your auction) can play a role (now that Christmas is coming up, there will be more bidders)

    I think if you're unsure about what price to sell your bags, maybe you should consider placing an initial bid at the minimum amount you are willing to part with the bag. Some sellers have done this and have sold their bags successfully without regrets.

    Be sure to take lots of good pictures, esp. of heat stamps! You'll get more bids that way, too!

  4. Wow, that's some really helpful information. Thanks :flowers: I was told that any bag would be more less 50% of what you paid for it new, even if its in "light patina" condition. People say that it's like driving a car off the depreciates right away! So thanks again...I also didn't know a lot of pics of the heatstamps would help! Oh, one other thing, how about date codes? Where do you find them? I've looked at a couple of my bags, but couldn't find it!
  5. ^No problem, glad I could help. ;)

    Heat stamps DO play a role...even if the bag is authentic, I will not bid if the seller will not provide pictures of the heat stamps. Some fakes are so good that all it takes is the heat stamp to give it away. But in regards to location...some bags don't have date codes. Are your bags vintage? Because I have a couple vintage bags without date codes (but I know they're authentic). If so, point this out to the potential buyers.

    If they're you mind telling what bags they are? I'm pretty sure there are other people on the board that can tell you. :yes:

    Also, be nice and communicate a lot. You'll be dealing with finnicky people (such as myself, heheh :yes: ), but good communication builds rapport and excellent selling opportunities.