how to prevent yellow armpit stains on white tops

  1. the title says it all is there any way to prevent this because when i buy from companies that are pricey i always end up buying the black instead of the white top because imo its a waste because of the armpit stain issue is there anything i can do? thanks soo much for all the help:heart::heart::heart:
  2. that is usually caused by deodorant... make sure to put it on as far in advance of getting dressed as possible so it has time to dry...
  3. I don't know exactly how to keep it from happening, but I've heard that vodka will remove the stains.
  4. soak it in bleach once in a while...and drink lots of water b/c it can dilute the sweat. and don't wear it when it's super hot out.
  5. Dabbing the spots with white vinegar or ammonia will serve as a stain treatment, but it won't be perfect. If you're proactive about it to prevent build-up, you'll lengthen the time until you see yellowing.

    I shower in the evening (after my workout) and then apply deodorant before bed. This is supposed to help it "soak in" better; it's how prescription deodorants are supposed to be used. It works better for me than morning application.

    If nothing else works, you can wear underarm guards. Most craft/sewing stores (like JoAnne's) carry them in multi-packs.
  6. The only thing that will prevent armpit stains is to not sweat under your armpits. If your regular deodorant doesn't cut it, switch to a prescription strength one like certain dri or secret clinical. They even make stronger ones that you can buy online, so if the ones from the drugstore don't work then I suggest Maxim or Drysol. Drysol is prescription only but you can find some places on the web that don't require one.
  7. You can try using deodorant instead of antiperspirant. It helps a lot, but doesn't stop the problem completely. You can also use something like Garment Guard to absorb the sweat and deodorant before it can get to your clothes. Never use bleach on pit stains- it only makes them darker. And stronger antiperspirants will just cause pits to stain faster, because it's a chemical reaction between the antiperspirant/deodorant and the pH of your sweat.
    Hope this helps!
  8. I rinse all my white shirts with water under the arms as soon as I take it off to rinse out deodorant or sweat that I don't want to sit until I get to washing it. It has worked for my 2 white shirts I bought before this summer started.
  9. i struggle with the same problem. what i do when i wash them, however, is drop two tablets of aspirin in the washing machine. it helps some.
  10. Anyone have some ideas on how to get the deoderant out of my husbands shirts? He is a machinist and literally slathers on deoderant in the morning. Some of his shirts could literally stand by themselves if you stood them up on their armpits. I've heard soaking in vinegar occasionally will help. Any suggestions?
  11. I make a paste of baking soda and lemon juice and put that on the stains and let it sit in the sun for an hour or so and then wash on super hot and that seems to lighten them. The best way to prevent them is to put the deodorant on a while before you put on your blouse so it can dry a bit--that seems to help for me!
  12. The only solution I have found to this problem is the following.

    Apply a strong anti-perspirant such as Certain-Dri or Maxim every night, as directed.

    Note: Regular anti-perspirant products won't work well as they are not strong enough.

    In the morning, shower, and don't apply more anti-perspirant. The previous night's Certain-Dri or Maxim application will be sufficient, even if you wash well with soap (as you should!). Instead, use a regular deodorant (without antiperspirant) after showering. It's the aluminum and other chemicals in anti-perspirant that cause the yellow staining--those things are NOT an ingredient in regular deodorant--so this regimen will ensure that your light clothes don't get stained. I recommend some of the natural deodorant options, like Tom's of Maine, as they contain some non-staining ingredients that fight bacterial growth, supposedly.

    You'll need a few days for the Certain-Dri or Maxim to start working well, so give it a chance. It may irritate those with sensitive skin, so apply a thin but comprehensive layer... but don't saturate or go crazy with the application.

    This method has worked for me and, for the first time in years, I have not tossed out clothes for reasons of yellow armpit staining. You also can feel confident about not sweating OR smelling bad. The nightly application of Certain-Dri or Maxim will take care of that!

  13. I heard this has to do with your body chemistry. Like how acidic your body is or if your body makes too much urea.

    Some people just can't help it. I have this problem, yet my mum doesn't.
    I usually just end up throwing my white tops out after a time because nothing helps.

    It's not even that I sweat a lot or more than the average person.
    Very weird.
  14. I switched. I used to use Secret and at one point was talking some medicine that really cause me to sweat (which I never did). I found that the Secret would cause bad stainage. I then switched to the clinical strength Secret and would only use at night. But I would still have some issues.

    Now, I use Mitchum (spelling) is clear and it block sweat great, and I think cause it's clear, it doesn't leave behind that residue. May sure you put it on (good pit coverage) and allow it to try thoroughly. (not letting it dry first, can be messy). I've found that even if I sweat later, I will just get a sweat ring, but it dries and doesn't mess up my shirts.
  15. I agree that the chemicals in antiperspirant discolours clothing. i have even had it happen with coloured clothing!