How to prevent switch of bags???

  1. I have heard now too many horror stories and have gotten scammed once as a seller that I prefer to make shure.
    I am selling a high end bag potential buyer asks for possibility to return bag if not authentic (I have stated a no return policy in my auction). I totally understand her concerns and said yes shure, since needless to say the bag is absolutely authentic.
    Now if she wins the auction how do I make shure that she doesn't switch my bag...
    I don't think she will seems very nice but since I got scammed I am a bid paranoid.

    Now the bag has a serial mentioned in the auction and I took several shots should I include more in the auction or just keep the other ones.
    Or should I attach something ? Just don't know where to get such a tag???

    Thanks for helping!
  2. If the buyer has good feedback, I wouldn't be too concerned. I think it is you responsibility as a seller to allow returns on items that may have questionable authenticity. It just helps your case that the item is authentic. Take a LOT of pictures, (if it's leather) make note of any unique markings, etc. You might want to post these additional pictures in your auction listing as public proof. The tag idea sounds pretty smart. Maybe you can go to your local craft/hobby store and find some kind of tag that cannot be copied or easily removed. Good luck!
  3. I type out a seller's ID tag, print it, take it to Office Depot and have it laminated. Then I hole punch it, attach it with a cable tie and write the buyer's ID name and transaction # on the back with permanent marker. And be sure to take pics of the bag with the tag attached. I also put a mark in my bag with a UV marker. No one but me knows it is there. Here's what my tags say in case you need ideas:

    Seller’s Tag
    eBay ID: My ID goes here.
    Authenticity tag! This is to protect seller, *My ID goes here* from dishonest buyers. I guarantee authenticity of each and every bag I sell. Please remove if satisfied. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the tip and the link, I found tyvek sounds good and easy!
  5. I can understand your concern :smile: Beware of cheat buyer, if she's bad intention to siwtch your bag, she'll try any way she can find!!! I recently have eBay dispute against me, buyer tried to claim as fake bag but after I attack her bag with auth result from and tPF, now, she damaged my bag to claim as not significantly!!! So pls beware, if she failed to scam you then she'll damage your item to ask you refund!!!
  6. :yes: It is and thanks to the girls around these parts, I always do this now and not just on bags, but all high end items. Good luck Catcat!
  7. Do you have the reciept? Never send them the original, send them a copy and you keep the original.
  8. Sophia Lee, What Do Mean By Receipt? I Am Gathering Info! 2nd Posting Thanks, Koza
  9. The reciept from when you bought the bag from the store(sales reciept)...that is very good proof.
  10. You can buy an invisible ink pen/blacklight on eBay too. Well worth it to mark a high end item.