How to prevent patina???

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  1. I have searched & couldn't find the answer...I don't want the handles of my LV trouvile to get really dark. Is there a spray or something to prevent it? Thanks!
  2. I really don't think so ZooMom, given the natural oils in your hand and all that, and I have tons of LV. I did read a suggestion of tying a scarf around the handles. Wearing it primarily on the forearm is good too.
  3. I love the look of the handles when they are new or an even honey patina. I don't like the patina super-dark though. I'd carry it on my forearm, like what BagLovingMom said.
  4. so technically, if you don't touch it it won't darken? i saw the pochette marelle today at lv and i thought it was kinda cute but i hate the patina. but since it's a clutch you don't have to tough the leather.
    anyone know?
    plus, does anyone know if the trim darkens on the shoes too?

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  5. It absorbs the oils from your hands and skin but I think it will age without you touching it still. I'm not sure. I hope someone here knows and will enlighten us.
  6. Yes, the patina connotes the natural aging (plus exposure to the elements) of the vachetta, but it will also darken from the use. I have some old LV pieces that were/are hardly used, and they still have the patina.
  7. Oh this is so funny to me! I don't like the brand new look of LV when it's new! Isn't it funny how different our tastes are! I actually decided against a new Batignolles because it looked too fresh {it was new from NMs}
  8. SwankyMama this is O/t but you said you bought a Gucci with Cargo pockets? I really loved one at Saks, it was the beige/ebony fabric with the mandarin leather trim, with the two pockets in front. Is that the same bag?
  9. Thanks for the answer. I don't mind the patina, I just want it even. Glad to know this.
  10. ok , so how come some sellers ie. thehuangfamily for example are still selling LV cherry blossom items which have no pantina.. have they re-done the leathe ron them or what .. i dont get it ??
  11. Probably, let me snap a photo and I'll start a thread w/ your name.
  12. I don't like the uneven either. I put mine by the window and rotate them.
  13. Thankyou! LOL I love the word Swanky!
  14. I was wondering the same thing! Perhaps they just kept it in the duster and never used them, knowing they would fetch a nice price if they waitied till it was disco'd?
  15. LMBO, me too! I make these little burp pads for babies and called them SwankyBurpis! LOL, eBay addition!
    I submitted the thread, I guess we have to wait for V or M to approve . . .