How to PREVENT lint from sticking onto your BLACK WOOL coat....

  1. Is there anyway to prevent this? Every single day, I have to take out my lint-roller and spend 30 minutes to get all of the lint off. I've gone through so many lint-rollers already and I still can't seem to get the jacket clean. I get so much lint on my jacket that it looks very dirty and almost needs another drycleaning job, however, I can't afford to bring it to the drycleaners every single week!

    It seems that the cheaper wool jackets are less prone to attracting lint, but they pill up easily (from noticing my friends' Express, Old Navy wool jackets...less than 60% wool). seems that the most expensive wool jackets attract more lint, but never ever pill up (my Michael Kors one, etc... more than 80% wool).

    Any reason why this seems to be true for me?

    Is there anyway to prevent the lint from sticking onto the wool jacket?
  2. not most expensive........*more expensive

    I forgot to spell check!
  3. Hm-m... here are a couple of suggestions that may or may not work

    - try putting your coat in the dryer with no heat. Just put it on no heat/fluff or whatever the cycle is called on your machine and let it tumble for half an hour. Make sure you clean your lint filter first

    - try spraying some anti-static on the coat
  4. Wish I knew.... I'm blonde so I shed like crazy, plus I have a cat. WHY did I think a black coat was a good idea? I just stock up on lint rollers at Ikea because they are 99 cents each and I just use those.
  5. ^^ Because a black wool coat/trench is classic. I bought one too recently for the same reason.
  6. I can't keep the lint off of mine either and it drives me bonkers!
  7. same here!!
  8. Same here! I always have to run a lint roller over my black wool coat every time I wear it! Drives me nuts!
  9. seriously if someone could come up with a jacket that did not attract lint...they would make a fortune!!!!
  10. Me too! I have a whole sweater box full of those lint rollers from Ikea.
  11. I have a black pea coat and gray and white cats, not a good combination. The cat hair is driving me crazy!!
  12. Most of my clothing has ginger shiba inu hairs - I've given up trying to remove them and laugh when I see "cream" or "white" trousers / coats as I know they'd last 10 seconds before there was a little paw print on them;) but I wouldn't swap him for the world!

    There is some advantages though - nobody steals my work chair as it's covered in dog hairs as well!!:graucho:

  13. Hmmm.....sounds very interesting. My coat is very long, so I don't want to squish it into the dyer. Have you tried this before? Does it work?

    I wonder if the anti-static spray is okay for wool jackets. I'm afraid that I'll get residue on the jacket...and since its dry-clean only, I won't be able to wash it off.