How to Post a Gif Image?

  1. I see tons of GIFs every day here on tPF -- most are commonly shared from GIF Soup. So today, I finally decided to join the fun and tried to post a GIF, only it didn't work -- I tried posting it multiple ways and failed every time

    Is GIF Soup not on the list of approved photo hosting sites, meaning that MP members are the only ones able to hot link GIF images from the site?

    I know MP members can hotlink photos from anywhere on the web, but non-MP members are prohibited and end up posting links rather than images


    GIF shows up in my message, but as soon as I click SUBMIT, it turns into a link
  2. hmm, I just wrap img tags around it, but it didn't work.
  3. You can always save the GIF locally and upload it to one of the tPF-approved image hosts. I think is a good one to use, it allows GIFs as far as I know. Then use the [​IMG]

  5. here -- try putting the tags around this link:

  6. The URL needs to go between these tags: