How to pick a vet?

  1. Well, I'm taking in a stray.

    I know, I know, never take in a stray! It's common sense.

    But she's really very sweet and if I don't take her in, she's going to continue to live in the hallway of our apartment building until someone does something, since people keep letting her in and putting food in the hallway for her.

    The thing is, she has fleas. I gave her a flea shampoo, sergeant's gold 3-in-1 drops, did a flea comb, and put a flea collar on. And she still has fleas! Persistent little buggers.

    I have her locked in my bathroom until such time as I feel it's safe to let her wander the premises.

    My neighbor gave me a little baggie of his cat's poo and as soon as I put it down on her litter box, she knew to use the litter box! So that's been taken care of.

    Now it's really just the fleas and other things that only a vet can take care of. So.... how did you pick your vet? I want one that will be gentle, and not mind that this is a rescue. Do I just look in the phone book? Is there a website where people talk about their vets? What kinds of questions should I ask when I call the place? Are there signs that this is a -bad-vet- that I should look out for?
  2. Congrats on your new dog! Try asking you neighbors for suggestions. They should be able to tell you which vets are local. Vet should be able to help you with fleas as well.

    This approach has worked really well for me. I found all of my vets by asking other people who they use. Good luck.
  3. You are sweet for taking in a stray cat. I don't think that a vet would mind one bit that you took her in, and if they do...then that's probably not the vet for you. I would just do an internet search for vets in your area, and go from there. I've had two vets now for my dog, neither of whom I'm in love with.
  4. Ask friends where they take their pets. BE VERY CAREFUL!! A few years back we had a Boxer, Chelsie. She got pregnant by accident by a neighbor dog. We thought she was pregnant but the vet said that she wasnt. we took his word. a few days later, she gave birth to one pup. we went to the same vet asking for an x-ray too see if there were any more pups. the x-ray said no or so he said. we decided to bring her to another vet about forty-five minutes away, they said she had three more pups in her, they said it would be best to leave here there. we did, she ended up passing on because the pups were dead inside of her i guess. but we now have a shih tzu, we take her to the second vet, shes currently pregnant as well so were taking extra precautions. but the second vet is very good. very proffesional.
  5. Purly-- congrats on your new kitty! I don't find anything wrong with taking in a stray...God bless you for doing it:smile:

    Try going to a local pet boutique and asking for a good recommendation...I love my vet...LOL I used to work for her though so I know the whole staff:smile:

    I would say good word of mouth is a great reference:smile: Good luck!!
  6. Get referrals from friends. Get referrals from neighbors. Get a referral from your dentist. The reason I say this is that I have become convinced that vet care is the scam of the century. That is, only some vets of course. THere are some excellent ones and you will find them by ....yep referral.
  7. Word-of-mouth is the best way by far! And don't forget, if you take your new baby to a vet whom you end up disliking for whatever reason, you don't have to go back there.
  8. Well, I took your advice and asked around. My friend Jon called his vet and got me a next day appointment. She's negative on heatworms, leukemia, and fiv! And she's pregnant! I'm going to have kittens!

    The vet gave me flea medication and dewormer and all will be well. Apparently this cat is around 3 and is really healthy, if a little lean.

    And she's pregnant! omg, kittens!
  9. Wow, you're about to have lots of kitties! What are you going to do with them all? I hope that you can find them good homes. You were very sweet and considerate to take in a stray.
  10. I have no idea, but apparently it's really late in the season for kittens so it shouldn't be hard to find them homes. In fact, they will be ready to be given out just in time for... Christmas! So I'm not worried. And I'll keep one for my own.
  11. Purly,

    Good for you for opening up your home to a poor little kitty and her soon-to-be kittens. You did such a nice thing. It is wonderful that you are giving her and her babies a chance for a nice life. That is a heart-warming thing you did!
  12. Good for you for giving a single mamma a home, and making sure her health care needs are met! Almost all of our cats are "volunteers." Why would a vet not want you to care for a stray? All the vets I know hate knowing there are abandoned animals out there with no one to care for them.

    I'm not at all surprised she is pregnant. That is just the nature of female cats. I strongly advise you to have her spayed after the kittens are born. Even if she is an inside cat, she could get outside; plus, everytime she comes in season, she will make a lot of noise and her behavior will change.

    Again, let me just say, good for you for doing this! You've done a great kindness, and she will really reward you for it.:flowers: