How to patine box leather?

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  1. Hi all box leather lovers, what will you do to the leather to make it grow the patina apart from using it daily? Any "short-cut"? Thanks.
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395058757.393664.jpg

    I want to make it shinier
  3. Try applying blackrock and obenauf's then polishing with a soft cloth very much.
    But the patina is given by our hand's natural oil: you must use it. The more you use it the more it develops. I have a 1990 rouge vif mini kelly that has been nearly never used and has no patina at all.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts....
  5. no short cut to real glossy patina. only time and usage. this is based on my experience with vintage boxcalf from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2012!!
  6. Having 5 bags in boxcalf, two from the '50s, two from the '90s and one from the '70s I really have noted that is a matter of use and not of age. My most patina-ed bag is the '70s one...
  7. This is a great thread and a great question. I wish it was around a few months ago!

    I would love to hear more experience/opinions from Box lovers. It's so strange how many varied opinions and experiences there are with it!
  8. I'm using doc rides suggestion... The black rocks and obeneuff's.
    Makes box rainproof as well
  9. Well, then I need to use it more and more
  10. This! You could try to "massage" it with clean hands. The natural oil from your skin will help with the process. But make sure you have short nails!
  11. You can use Tarrago cream shoe polish as suggested by Doc. It will make it shinier. I have a BBK and I used the black cream polish and it even made some scratches disappear. They sell a neutral color too, which I used on my Celine box bag.
  12. thanks.
  13. Just keep using it. It will develop a patina with time that is full of character. Here's a picture of my "seasoned" Kelly longue wallet after five years of nearly daily use.

  14. Indeed she age so well
    Still beautiful