How to party in LAS VEGAS? tips plz!

  1. Me and my girlfriends, from Europe, are going to Las Vegas soon.
    I need information from insiders! I´m a novice to that type of partying culture,
    We´d like to have the best clubbing experience, and pool party!!

    I heard XS is the place to go (we re into electro). Do you agree?
    How difficult is it to get in? Tips to get in, get free entrance, VIP treatment?
    What is the dress code? (we´re French so we tend to be too...unnoticeable lol)

    And about the pool party, which club/hotel to go for?
    Also how to get in without paying the fee? How to dress/look like?

    Thank you!!
  2. Also try They have a Vegas party forum.

    If your group is all girls the general rule seems to be that you can snag free entrance by just looking really cute and standing together. Some clubs have a line while others do a "crowd" (which means that people like up in a semi-circle behind the velvet rope and get picked - I hate this method) Cocktail dresses and heels is the clubbing attire. Flashy, shinning and glitter does not hurt, because that's Vegas culture.

    Another way to get a free entry is to bump into a Club organizer. They hang out at the day clubs (pools) and at shopping area trolling for groups of young, pretty girls. They will either take your name or give you a pass.

    Good luck and have fun!