How to pack mini lin speedy in my suitcase

  1. Hi girls....(and guys), need going on a trip and i want to bring my mini lin speedy with me. I have to pack it...but how? I cant fold it or can i? it didnt come folded from the store, it was stuffed. i remember the SA telling me they dont fold the mini lin speedy. HELP pls...
  2. I think it'd be OK to fold. Its fabric. Otherwise stuff it and put it in the sleeper.
  3. Call the LV store and ask them for suggestions. Can you just carry your Mini Lin Speedy instead of folding it?
  4. it's probably ok to have it folded for a little while
  5. When I bought mine the SA folded it like a normal canvas speedy and it's OK.
  6. stuff it with towel/clothes(anything soft), that's what i do when i leave bags in the luggages. i dont like the crease on the speedies..
  7. i was going to suggest the same... stuff it totally full with your smalls - socks and undies - plus other clothing that won't require ironing. then slip the dustbag on for protection. that's what i do if i bring more than one bag on a trip (which is usually the case).
  8. fold it just like this ....
    Clipboard01111.jpg PICT5199.jpg PICT5200.jpg PICT5202.jpg PICT5201.jpg
  9. that is how my mum folds her speedy.......
  10. thats great....very informative & the pics are so clear..its like folding speedies for dummies:roflmfao: thanks...i might just fold it....but then again the creases....:shame:
  11. thanks everyone for the info...VERY helpful
  12. ^^ I have my mini lin folded for storage and its been ok. I took it out yesterday to try my panda on and no creases.. :biggrin:
  13. I wouldn't fold it - like others have said, stuff it with socks, undies, t-shirts, etc. that you're packing anyway, put it in the dust bag, and sit the whole speedy in your suitcase :yes: I've done this several times and it works great!