How to organize stuff in a roomy speedy(25 or 30)?

  1. I know the speedy only got one inside pocket, so there is no extra pockets for a cell phone or iPod (most of my bags have that). How did you organize your stuff in the roomy speedy? Could you show me the pics as well? Thanks!!!:love:
  2. Get a chameleon liner, a purseket or some other organizer. Look through the threads here, there are a ton of them on the handbag organizers & inserts.
  3. I use a med purseket in my speedies. It works great. I did not take any photos, but if you search the board on "pursket" you can find a long thread with lots of photos.
  4. i use a medium purseket too. it can hold so much more, and prevent everything from falling together
  5. Purchase the purseket, Purseket, the original purse pockets. Put it in a Purseket and Dig No More!
    i'm sure you'll love it.
  6. I put my Sidekick in the pocket of the for the rest, I only have a sunglass case, a cosmetics pouch and my agenda/wallet combo, so they kinda just float freely:smile:
  7. here is a great link for you pursekets?? all the info you'll need on the purseket.
  8. Oh yeah~ I saw you guys' "pursekets" inside of speedy. It's very useful, Thanks!
  9. A lot of people use a purseket. I like mine with all my stuff just in there. I dig for things sometimes but I don't like pursekets so I'm okay with that.
  10. I just put my stuff in my speedy. Since I do not carry very much, I usually do not have to dig too much.
  11. If you dont like the idea of a purseket, then you could perhaps buy a couple of small wristlet type things.. or little pouches to put little extra things that float around!! though the purseket would be your best bet!
  12. You could always get a bunch of small accessories to put inside your bag!
  13. I use a medium purseket in my speedy 25.
  14. Can you find this on eBay? Just wondering :smile:
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