How to Organize My Noe

  1. Hello all, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms:heart: --I use to own a Petit Noe, which I sold a few years ago. I recently purchased the larger Noe after admiring it for years. For my taste, it's one of the most stylish, yet classic bags Vuitton ever made. However, I tend to carry a lot in my bags and am having a problem organizing my belongings in the Noe, since its so deep. It's like searching in the dark for my smaller items, such as my cell phone. Any ideas on how to organize it? Thanks!
  2. I'd highly recommend Purseket:yes: ~ and Congrats on your Noe!!
  3. Thanks so much! I never heard of Purseket until now. I just looked it up on line; this may, in fact, be the solution to my problem! Thanks again.
  4. :smile: you are welcome ~ there are quite a few threads with a lot of pix within the forum too!!
  5. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:

    I use the accessories pochettes in different sizes to organize my Noe.
  6. I'm getting some weird search error right now -- so sorry if this is a redundant question, but what size purseket do you use for the regular sized noe??

  7. it depends on the circumference of the Noe, purseket is somewhat flexible, so it's no problem fit in circular shape of Noe. If you can decide between the Med or Large, I'd go w/Large b/c it's OK to overlap, but if the ends don't meet to form a circle, it might collapse on you.:flowers:
  8. Thanks for your info!
  9. purseket works great.
  10. Bag Fetish, thank you so much for the photo--that's the perfect solution!:wlae:
  11. Pinki682, thanks for the info and especially for the warm welcome to TPF! This could easily become my new addiction.:smile:
  12. Welcome ProfessorLV!!! Congrats on ur new Noe!! This is only week two for me carrying my new Noe and I'm having the same troubles!! I want a Purseket...but checked their site and the one I wanted, sort of a brownish/leopardy/animal print in Large wasn't available...I wonder where else to purchase the Purseket..not an imitation ? Hmmmm Let us know what you decide!! But girl aren't you just loving the Noe?!?!?!?

  13. You're welcome! Here is an example of organzing the interior of a full size Noe. I also swap out the large tote inside to smaller accessory cases and arrange them to make it easier to locate items without having to fidget in the great depth. Good luck!

  14. Thanks LuvMyLvs! Yes, I am truly enjoying my mono Noe.:yahoo: I'm currently searching eBay for a Purseket. Will keep you posted...
  15. ^^^ Make sure you look at Moonlitz on eBay. Doris is such a nice lady. She has the best selection, too.
    BTW... Welcome to TPF.. I am a newbie, too.