how to order UK online item from US??

  1. Gucci ranges change from country to country, it may be released in the US at a later date as a store only line!
  2. Ok, that makes me feel better! Thank you Designermummy!
  3. The US site always has loads more than the UK site, always makes me jealous at the begining of the season, but some items do filter into the stores!
  4. Can't you order it and have it shipped to the US? If you don't want to pay conversion, just use a Paypal Virtual Debit card, it can convert to pounds or Euros....

    Never mind, I tried to "order" and on the first page it said Mainland UK residents and Ireland clients only. Do you know anyone in the UK?
  5. the pink guccissima is toooo DARNNN cute!!! :tender:
  6. Oooo, interesting using Paypal. Too bad it wouldn't let you.:sad:

    Nope, don't know anyone at the moment. I'll have to keep an ear open for anyone traveling there for business/vacation sometime soon...