How to order GUCCI online when you don't have a US billing address?

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  1. Need your help guys...can anybody tell me how a non-US resident order an authentic gucci online? I checked and it says there that they only accept US billing and delivery address. I can have it shipped to a friend of mine their in LA but I will have to pay using my credit card and i'm not a US resident:sad:
  2. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if you do not have a US billing address, it is not possible to order online. It must be a US billing address so that they can verify it.
  3. I don't think you can order as it says on the website it is for purchase by residents of the US. They have different sites for residents of that country only, so if there is not a site for your country I don't think you can order online.
  4. how about paypal? do you think they will accept that?
  5. No, they will not accept Paypal.
  6. :sad: that's too bad...but thanks for the info. In case you learn of a site where i can make an order please let me know! Thanks a lot!
  7. maybe your friend can pay with her credit card and you can pay her:confused1:
  8. well actually, i've thought about that already:yes: just waiting for her to wake up hahaha! We live in different time zones. I just hope that she has the time 'coz she's pretty busy with work. and hopefully again, she has a nearby store so she can easily go anytime. But thanks for pointing that out;)can't wait till i talk to her!
  9. Goodluck reinne!!! I hope your friend will be able to help you out so that you can get your handbag :okay: If your friend lives in LA...i'm pretty sure there's a store nearby that she can go to. :cutesy: