How to order from Hawaii or Guam?

  1. Hey all,

    I would like to buy a Foresta bag when it is re-released but I have no idea how I would do that from mainland. I'm guessing the eBay will have some but I don't really want to fight with the bidders. Is there a way I can call actual stores and have them ship?

    I'd love to know which stores, if someone knows, could they PM me or post here? Thanks so much.
  2. I believe LSS Ala Moana, and both of the ones on Kalakaua should get them.
  3. Oh, okay, so, I have to order from a Lesportsac store? Thank you. Do you know if I can pay by credit card and they can ship it to me? Thanks :smile:
  4. They only take money orders. You also cannot preorder or place brand new items on hold... so once they come out, you can order it. They'll ship it out after they receive the money order. I don't remember how much shipping is... it was something around $15, I think.
  5., do they hold it for you after you order it while they wait for your M.O. to come?
  6. That's what they've done in the past for other girls on this forum. They'd hold it until the MO came.
  7. Does anyone know how much they charge for shipping? thanks!
  8. Well I'm glad atleast Ala Moana Lesportsac sends bags to the mainland...I tried ordering any tokidoki bags from the mainland...I haven't found any mainland places that would send tokidoki bags to hawaii...if anyone know of any places let me know please...
  9. Shari no places are allowed too. So you wont be able to find anything other than eBay and LJ
  10. Thanks, Usarmywife...It's really weird that down here some places would send tokidoki bags to the mainland, but the mainland places won't send to us here in Hawaii...that sucks...:tdown:

  11. It's just because of the contractual agreement between the LeSportsac corporation on the mainland and the LeSportsac franchise here... If we could get bags sent to us here in Hawaii at the lower mainland price, the franchise here wouldn't make any money off their tokidoki except for tourist purchases.
  12. That is very true...Hawaii have to make their money some how...haha...but it's still sad that we can't get our prices like the mainland...who do they think we are? Rich? well i'm not...hehe
  13. maya, do you know if they'll do print placement? I'm very tempted to order the Foresta re-release, but I'd hate to get bags w/o any characters that I like!
  14. I have no idea... It'd probably be best to call them to find out, or ask some of the girls that have ordered from our stores.