How to order Balenciaga bags from overseas?

  1. Hi! I'm interested in getting a black balenciaga city, which is weirdly not available at the balenciaga store in Singapore. So I decided to purchase one from overseas! I saw people posting things about ordering directly from balenciaga NY or overseas shops. Can someone tell me about the whole process? And which overseas stores will ship to Singapore?
  2. Best is to call BalNY and check their stocks. If they have it, they will send you a Charge Send fax for you to fill out. Once you return that to them, they will send your bag to you.
  3. the good news is, Black Cities are pretty easy to find...

    I suggest BALNY as well. If you don't like that, you can always order from online stores (check list of reputable sellers in shopping).
  4. Hi, I asked this yesterday for a tPFer at Balenciaga shop in Milan (Italy).
    They said you can call them +39(0)2760841 and ask for it. They will send you a form to fill by fax, and you can pay with American Express or bank transfer (the latter takes too long....), and you'll receive your Bbag at home!!!
  5. If you are planning on ordering from BALNY, here's the process:

    1. find someone you can talk to, ask them all the questions you need to ask, etc, decide on a bag

    2. tell them to email you the "charge authorization form"

    3. fill the form out, filling in the name of the person who helped you as the person authorized to make the charge

    4. fax the form to 212-206-0004

    5. call maybe a day later to confirm that the order has been processed and to see if it's been shipped

    6. if you have online banking, you can check when your order's been charged (another good indicator that the order's been processed and shipped)

    7. wait for your package

    8. upon receipt of package, make sure it's what you want (otherwise, return it within 10 days)

    9. ENJOY!
  6. Thanks for all the help! (: I was wondering if it's possible to make a phone order instead of faxing the form?
  7. Of course. I prefer to use paper (fax it) because I prefer having in hand the form/info. Also, I'm pretty neurotic so I don't like doing stuff over the phone because I always think I'm going to be misheard or something.

    That was a pretty long answer :p, but in essence, yes, they definitely accept phone orders!!
  8. I (and many people who live outside of the US) order from Aloha Rag in Hawaii
    They do free shipping if you spend over $500, and lower the value of the bag on the customs ticket, so you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars in import taxes
  9. i think the form is a requirement for all phone orders at BalNY, you call them and tell them what you're looking for, then they send you the form.

    would still recommend you picking the bag yourself, if you can wait that is! cause if they send a bag that you don't like, you can't return it. you either have to exchange for another one, or stuck with store credit. and i heard BalNY won't take pictures of the bags anymore, so you don't know what you're getting, that's a pretty scary thought.
  10. I've always ordered from Aloha Rag and although they don't send you actual pics, you can give them your requirements for type of leather and they will do their best to fulfill them.

    A question for those who order from Bal NY- is it possible to email your order form in, or does it really have to be done by fax?
  11. Thanks!!:heart: This was all very valuable information for me as well, I LOVE Tpf!! (and all of you!)
  12. Is there shipping charge for international customers in BalNY?
  13. To tack on to your question...... is it possible to get a Balenciaga store to track it down from another Balenciaga store? I wanna track something down but only speak english and very bad french haha...
  14. fijibunny>> the SAs at BalParis speak perfect English. i don't think they track down bags at other stores..

    spins>> yah pretty sure there's a charge for international shipping (cant remember if it's $50 or $100)