How to open magic box - please help!

  1. Last time I was in Budapest, I purchased a very cute wooden box.

    The only way to open it is to slide various panels in a specific order. The second to last move reveals a key. The last move reveals the key hole.

    I hid an important paper in the box that I now need.

    But I can't remember how to open the box! :noggin:

    Can anyone help me?

  2. oooooh dear lol but i did giggle reading youd locked it in the box, cant help sorry but good luck!

  3. I know :push:

    Sometimes I'm like the guys in the M&M candies commercials - I have chocolate for brains :shame:
  4. I thought this was a riddle at first! :nogood:

    Sorry...maybe if you post pictures someone might be able to help?
  5. Lol, I know the boxes you're taking about, but I'm sorry I'm not any help. Not to laugh at your misfortune, but that definitely made me chuckle... I could SO see myself doing that. I really hope there's someone who can help you out on there though!

  6. Good idea. I'll try to post pics this weekend.
    Working hard til then.
  7. Awww, sorry to laugh but that's quite the predicament you've gotten yourself into. Maybe the pics will help.
  8. You slide the piece in the middle to the right until it stops, then slide the entire side down till it stops and I think you repeat that step 2 times, then the middle piece has to be pushed back in until it stops and slide the side down, KWIM? Your objective is to get the side open which reveals the little drawer.

  9. Tried your advice. Basically worked! My box is a bit different but your advice to repeat steps did the trick.

    Thanks, IrishGal!
  10. YAY!! glad you got it opened

  11. Anytime! :tup:
  12. YAAAY!!! Way to go Irishgal!
  13. I want one of those boxes!
  14. ^^ Me too! Sounds so neat!
  15. ME TOO!

    sounds like a good way to hide stuff... altho, if i hide my bling in there, a thief could just take hte box away and hack it open... +P