How to NOT wake up to go pee... geez louise

  1. I'm at my wit's end here... I go to bed at 9:00 p.m. because I'm dead tired by then -- mostly because I feel like I haven't truly slept the night before.

    I wake up usually 5 of 6 times (that's about once an hour) because I feel like I have to use the restroom. And what I let out (sorry to be gross, ladies) really isn't enough to justify waking up. I've heard you have to "train" your bladder so sometimes I'll just try to go back to sleep but then I OBSESS over having to go to the bathroom and when I finally do, barely anything to comes out!

    Grr --

    Can anyone offer advice? Do you experience this, too?
  2. u sure u dont have a bladder infection? it could be that or maybe another issue, personall id see a dr. it also could also be ur muscles down there. maybe try some keigels
  3. ^^^
    Thanks... I don't think I do because during the day I'm just fine. I can practically go 8 hours without peeing during the day!
  4. I go to the bathroom a lot during the day, I wake up like once at night. I drink tons of water though. You might have a bladder infection if you are waking up every hour.
  5. That happens to me except...I really do have to go! perhaps you are anxious? or have made yourself anxious about going to the bathroom at night. I know this happens to me when I'm a bit nervous.
  6. IntlSet,
    I have had periods of time when I have "urgency" problems. There is a product (don't know the name though) that is usually by the women's feminine products that is suppose to help with bladder spasms...

    Maybe that would help. It sounds like that is what your having. If anyone knows what I am talking about? If I can find it with an online search, I will post it....
  7. It doesn't sound like a bladder infection if you're okay during the day and you're not having symptoms like stinging/burning or other nasty bladder infection symptoms, it's probably something like a overactive bladder. Either way it's something you should talk to your doctor about, there are techniques for training your bladder and many other treatments your doctor can tell you about.
  8. If don't take a Ambian to sleep, I am up more than every hour.
    Been to the urologist, taken all the RX's for bladder control/muscles, they all made me sick to my stomach. I recommend at least trying this, my stomach is just overly sensitive to something in this medication. They did check me to see that my bladder hadn't dropped. (This could happen when having a baby or hysterectomy.) Wasn't my problem.
    My doctor says I have an overactive bladder which is activated when I lay down. When laying down my bladder think its full. He told me to stop drinkng anything by 6 pm. I live in the desert & this is just not possible.
    Good luck. It might be worth your time to see a urologist.
  9. I would see your doctor if this doesn't clear up soon. I know I sometimes have that problem at night (before I go to sleep) when I DON'T drink enough during the day and then play "catch up" at night and start drinking water like I'm trying to store it up for a trek across the desert or something. I"m trying to get better about that, but I wonder if you're having something similar happen?
  10. Rubber sheets and sleeping pills!
  11. ^^ lol!

    I have this issue too. But mine is day and night. I just always have to pee, like every hour. It's been that way for a looooonnnggg time for me.
  12. I've got the same thing going on right now, although every time I do go there is a normal amount and it doesn't hurt - I've started drinking more because I have headaches. Does that sound normal? (Sorry if I hijacked your thread but I just figured we had similar problems and I didn't feel comfortable starting a new thread on it):s

    btw IntelSet I also have the same thing where I can't ignore it before bed and it sometimes is not enough but I have that feeling.
  13. I deal with this prior to falling asleep. While I'm laying there, I'll have to continually get up to go, and very little comes out.
  14. Peeing is a funny thing! Like, when you're just fine and then someone asks you if you need to go, and you're all like, "hmm, now that I think about it..."
    You're definitely on the right track with recognizing that your urgency isn't connected with a full bladder. Try drinking less fluids right before you go to bed, and stay away from things like caffeine and alcohol because they're diuretics (make you need to pee). Also, next time you wake up try to think about something else (lol, I know that's easier said than done) and try not to be too anxious about your urge to pee (anxiety can make it worse). If the problem persists you should see your primary care doctor. I know there are meds that stop bladder spasms (which can be responsible for the feeling of needing to go), so you should definitely ask about that.
    Good luck with this! My bf had some problems a few years ago with bladder spasms, and it was really tough (and he would probably kill me if he knew I was telling the whole world about it, hehe). Ultimately a lot of these problems just resolve and no one knows why they came about in the first place!