How to not pay taxes on a bag in NYC?

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  1. I live in NYC and as you all know we have very high taxes. I'm planning on buying a jumbo. Any ideas on how to save on the tax? I'm on the wait list for the chevron jumbo so I'll be purchasing from either Neiman's or Bergdorf's. I've never purchased anything from those stores. I have a friend in Colorado and Jersey that I could ship to. Would that work? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I believe Colorado has a NM so if you ship there you'll be charged taxes. Your best bet is to purchase from BG and have it shipped to your friend in Colorado and it'll be tax free that way. Good luck!
  3. Jersey has Neimans and BG's warehouse is there, so I think they stopped doing Jersey tax free. BG may work for Colorado though.
  4. If you change your mind about shopping at or Bergdorfs
    You can shop at Hirshleifers which is in Long Island but you don't have to pay taxes if you have can ship outside of NY. BUT they do don't offer returns just exchanges

    Or there's Jeffrey's NYC same applies to them BUT they do offer returns within 14 days.

    I live in nj and purchase from both stores.

    Just in case you change your mind

    Now if there isn't a Neiman's in Colorado you might be in luck. [emoji4]
  5. Pa has NM and warehouse for BG but I've bought tax free jumbo from BG before. So if you have an address in NJ, it's worth a shot to save on taxes.
  6. Thank you all for your input!

  7. Do you know anyone in RI? It's not too far from NY & I don't think you would be charged tax if you had it shipped there.
    Good luck.
  8. I have a coworker that lives in Delaware on the weekends. I know BG will ship there for free but what about Neiman's?
  9. I just ordered a bag from BG yesterday for shipment to PA. They have a warehouse in PA. I was told that I had to ship to a different name/address from billing as a gift to waive taxes. Perhaps this is due to their warehouse location.
  10. If you have a friend in Oregon, have the store shipped it to your friend and have your friend ship it back to you :smile:
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