how to "moisturize" leather

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  1. Hello~I just bought a large coach soho hobo and the SA told me I should get the moisturizer because it will take out the scratches that easily get on the bag's leather. They also gave me the leather cleaner, but the card inside the bag says to not use cleaner on that type of leather:huh: Im afraid to put the moisturizer on my bag, though I dont want it to leave splotches or something...does anyone know how to do this right?:shame: TIA!
  2. If the cleaning instructions says do not use leather conditioner.....I would not use it. I know that you're not supposed to use leather conditioner for Coach vachetta products (cause the instructions said so, LOL) but maybe someone else did and it turned out okay.
  3. heres what the card says; "to remove scratches and to keep the leather supple, buff the item with a soft cloth or with coach leather moisturizer". So would i just pour some moisturizer onto a cloth and rub it on the leather or what?? so confused!
  4. I have these white polishing clothes that I bought--they're sorta like cloth diapers or old undies :P Anyways, I "pour" the coach moisturizer on the cloth, rub it into the cloth, so it's not a big "plop" of stuff. Then I just rub it into the purse in circles. If it looks to o glossy or wet, I'll take another dry, clean cloth and rub in circles to take away any excess. Sorta like polishing silver or waxing a car. It works pretty well.

    I do it about once every 4-6 months on most my leather purses. Since leather is actually a "skin"--it seems to help it from drying out. Hope that description helps...
  5. Yup, just what wickedassin said. If the care carad says it doesn't need moisturizer, don't or you might ruin the bag.
  6. Oh--before you put on the moisturizer, I usually wipe the purse to remove any surface dirt or dust. Plus then you won't rub anything into the purse or cause scratches with particles.
  7. Thanks so much for your replies!!
  8. No problem. Glad I could help!