how to minimize oily skin & pore size

  1. My skin has always been combination /oily with large opores , tried lots of different types of products Neutrogena pore refining toner, Clinique's Instant Pore Perfector but it doesn't seem to help… short of going to a dermatologist and spend even more money. I was surfing the internet when I found this facial pore reducer cream on this website. ...felt I had nothing to loose by trying one more thing . I must say that it has been the best thing for my face. Been using it for 5 weeks , I have noticed a remarkable improvement on my face, my skin has significantly less oily and the cream has help minimize and tighten my pores. ;) Anyone using any product from this range ??

    I found a lot of useful information on it

  2. Ive been using Neutrogena's Pore refining toner,however its not working and has even worsened the situation.

    What to do? Whats products to use?
  3. Queene Helen's Mint Julep Mask.

    This mask works REALLY REALLY well especially for those pesky blackheads and soaking up oil. YOu get a big bottle for about $4 at Walgreens
  4. I have that SAME problem I hate my skin right now. I've been using proactiv for about 6 yrs. now it works really well to keep the pimples in check but my pore size is still a little bigger than I'd like. I notice that if I get a facial once a week it dramatically reduces my pore size but sometimes I don't have time to do it once a week. I am going to try that mint julep mask I've seen it but never thought of buying it thanks Think2Day.
  5. There's nothing you can do. There are thousands of products claiming to tighten pores, but they are all 'superficial'. The only thing that can help is using lazer treatment. The light blue (?) is supposed to be good for this I read.
  6. I have used this stuff about once a week for forty years, and few people realize that my pores could easily double as parking spaces for a Jeep Cherokee.
  7. Yes any type of sulfur mask is good. I like the one from DDF. :smile:
  8. the mask doesn't reduce pore size dramatically, but it really helps my oily skin and blackheads. the only downside to it is it's really hard to squeeze out of the tube. it builds muscle!! :p
  9. Fullers Earth is good as well.
  10. Use a rich moisterizer before going to bed, and drink tons and tons of water.
  11. My comments will be different. I suggest you exfoliate. If you want a cheap method without risking any pore clogging ingredient in your scrub, I suggest Cetaphil mixed with Baking Soda. You can make it as intense as you like it and/or alternate each day.

    I'm telling you, this is my biggest product that really improved the tone of my skin. BTW, you can't really change the size of your pores. But I've noticed that Vivier vitamin C in 20% really helped. Exfoliating on daily basis will contribute and I found that Sonya Dakar Omega 3 oil with essential oils that help balance your oil production. Huge difference!

    Don't forget your sunblock!

    Then, if needed, use retinol at night, which would purge your clogged pores, cause peeling, etc. and you will notice a difference in three months.

    I hope this helps because it did help me.:smile:
  12. I've been using pore strips. They seem to help a little but not much, I still notice my pores. They do however get the nastys out.
  13. According to my Esthetician (sp?) Neutrogena and all those other products just irritate your pores more which makes it produce more oil. You should use a mud or clay mask. I use Freeman's Cucumber clay mask but any clay mask will work. She says cucumber is the best for the skin though. Also, try and see if you can go to facials. they really help. to wash my face i use Cetaphil gentle cleanser I love it. Its not harsh on the skin at all. I also use their moisturizer with spf 15 not oily or greasy.

    and if all else fails the oil blotting strips work great for touch ups to soak up the oil.
  14. Where do you get this Shimma? You're from Herts right? Do you have a UK link?
  15. My suggestion is when you wash your face, rinse it with at least 15-20 splashes and finish with cool water splash. It helps me keep my skin flushed out.