How to match my face to my body

  1. My face is lighter than my body with very light freckles since I wear sunscreen everyday and self tanner seems to wash off every time I wash my face.

    My body is darker because the tanner lasts for a week or so and I have a lot of darker freckles.

    What is the best way to make my face match? Should I use a dark tinted moisturizer? I am hesitant about using a lot of bronzing powder to get my face to match my body a little better because it never has that slightly dewey look that my skin naturally has.

    How do you combat this? I bought a slightly darker powder but it is still light looking compared to my body and very powdery looking.

    Thank you.
  2. i would ask someone at a make up counter.
  3. I think typically people wear a liquid foundation that matches their neck and chest, or wear a tinted self tanner.
  4. Makeup should match the area where it's being worn. If your neck/body is darker than your face, then a darker foundation/bronzer can be used around the outer areas of the face. But, you should not be matching your arm/hand/neck if the product is for your face.
  5. I get what you are saying but then you end up with a really light colored face and a dark body and that looks funny.

    So a tinted moisturizer though? Do they make really light feeling tinted moisturizers so I can continue to wear my own sunscreen and moisturizer underneath without it all being too heavy? I use an anti aging moisturizer that I really like and is not too heavy when mixed with humidity. Id hate to have it be overkill with a tinted moisturizer though.

    Lancome used to make a face tanner that I could find in France that was as thin as water and you put it on with a cotton ball. I absolutely loved it because I could put it under everything and never feel it and within hours my face would match my body but they seem to have discontinued it. That stuff was so perfect for me!
  6. You're starting out with mismatched body and face anyway, though. Matching your face is basically the lesser of 2 evils. Wearing the wrong colored foundation to match your body is not the answer and will look very obvious, since foundation is essentially second skin.
  7. I have the same problem and I usually just use a foundation a little bit darker than my face. I don't use a foundation with much coverage so I've never had a huge problem with it looking unnatural or anything
  8. You could mix a bronzer into your TM - Caudalie and Stila both have these. It would still have a lot of dewiness in it, too.

    I still believe you should match your neck or one could darken up with a slightly darker powder or bronzer.
  9. match your foundation to your chest.
  10. i disagree completely if you face is red and you body is not you shouldn't wear foundation that blends in with the red. whether your face is darker or lighter you should match it with your neck and chest. since that is wear the color will be blending into. you should always blend your foundation down your neck.
  11. what about a good bronzer to finish? it would give your face some added color without looking too fake
  12. Most people have a different colour face to their neck, collarbone and chest area. You should be changing your foundation to match them. Tinted moisturizer or a light dusting of bronzer with a very clean kabuki brush... to match your body colour. But only a few shades darker than your natural skintone. And be careful of your jawline, it will look like a 5 o'clock shadow.

    Don't march foundation to your jawbone, because your neck is pale and your jawbone isn't.
  13. MAC has cream bronzer that you stipple on with a brush, it's very dewy.