How to master feeling comfortable but still look good?

  1. I'm having a tough time finding stuff that is cut to suit my body but still feel comfortable that can take me from school to work, to the mall, wherever. How does one achieve a decent balance?
  2. you have to find things that are confee and looks well on your body colors matter also that go well with your skin tone
  3. Glossy conditioned blow dried hair, light makeup, comfortable but high heels and slim jeans always works.

    Mix your top half with a camisole, shirt or slim fit jumper with a blazer which can be smart pinstripe or light coloured tweed for a smart sexy take.

    To make this outfit rock accesorize with your favourite bag!
  4. my recent answer to that question which i wore a lot lately is :
    mini dress over skinny jeans and a pair of slouchy boots/flat shoes/cute sandals.

    for more casual, i'll go for a mini dress with volume over the skinny jeans.
    for more formal, i wore my little black mini dress with more open cut over the skinny jeans.

    with this look i can still look girly & feminime but the skinny pants made me more mobile & confortable.
  5. I think comfort really starts with the shoe. Look for shoes you love and choose base on comfort, then work your way up. (Manolos are sexy and comfortable!)
  6. I've found a new "uniform" for F/W casual wear:

    black cashmere Theory short sleeved turtleneck
    dark denim Joe's Jeans, cigarette cut
    Black Ralph Lauren belt
    Black MICHAEL Michael Kors high heeled clogs.

    I can wear this to work or going out for casual outings and just switch around various bags from my IF hobo to black Chloe clutch to black LV MC pochette, etc etc.

    The sweater is close fitting but not super snug as are the jeans, and the black top with dark denim plus heels really elongates me (this is key because I'm 5'4" with short legs). The sweater is cut a little longer so there's no peeking problem with skin showing. All that combined and I feel comfy but stylish too!