How to make Your own FAKE ?!?!?!?!?!?

  1. In my paper today...:wtf:

    bad pic but you get the idea...
  2. oh my...
  3. :wtf: Oh My God.
  4. The bag actually says Louis Vuitton on it, can they not be sued by LV for this. Im disgusted. This is the Sun Newspaper (UK). If you would like to complain which I will be doing e-mail
  5. Is that a joke? I thought making fake bags was against the law and now they're advertising it?

    Very WRONG!!!! :yucky:
  6. LOL...I saw a man with this bag the other day in blue color..swear, I amost took some pics..
  7. That's what I was wondering, but since it's not made for resell, people can probably claim parody and be ok.
  8. I just cant believe a Highly read UK newspaper would do something like this :shocked: :shocked:
  9. LOL well I see it as a joke
    I think Louis Vuitton is making a joke selling those bags for over 2000$
    pls don't tell me it is only me who thinks it is just RIDICULOUS
  10. they are just poking fun because that bag looks "cheap"
  11. Oh mon dieu... :wtf: :shocked: :death:
  12. okay, that's ridiculous. yeah, i personally think LV is overcharging for something that looks like a "standard laundry bag" but regardless, for an upstanding newspaper to actually TELL people how to fake a bag (ANY bag) is just wrong. that's just like a newspaper telling people, hey instead of paying $18 for that new hot CD, here are step-by-step instructions to make your own: 1) go to this site to download illegal mp3s, 2) buy CD-Rs, and 3) burn illegal mp3s on CD-R...and voila! you just saved yourself $17. i'm sure if the newspaper did that, a whole crapload of people would be up in arms, especially considering all the lawsuits about this. i don't see how this whole thing with LV is different.
  13. Ita :flowers: Im disgusted. But everyone PLEASE PLEASE e-mail who wrote this article.
  14. Wow!!! I'm shocked!
  15. Ok, don't stone me....I do think it's kinda funny.