How to make this backpack a crossbody

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  1. Hi! So I was gifted a backpack from my sister who brought it back from Europe. It was a very thoughtful gift, and she knows I have been lusting after a Chloé Faye backpack.

    However, it’s bright orange. Orange. Not a doable red orange. But traffic cone orange. Maybe it’s just me and my fear of color. Maybe it would be different if it was Hermes. The mind is a silly thing. ‍♀️

    Anyways, I have decided that I can probably carry it as a crossbody bag instead of a backpack. However, I’m kind of at a loss of how to transform it.

    Any handy Tpf-ers who have tips? Picture hopefully loaded with post.

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    Hi. I would punch an additional hole at the end of the long attached strap, get 2 ‘O ring’ large enough to go around end then purchase a third party strap with clasps on each end to attach to O rings.
    (O-ring seen/available on this page-scroll down to find it:
    Another option is to take it to a cobbler and see if they can do something similar/better constructed. You just need a third strap to add length and hardware to help facilitate.
    I have an LV lockme backpack and have been messing around trying to figure a way as well. GL
    Ps. I should add should you do something similar to this it would help to add a metal grommet where the hole is so it doesn’t compromise the leather hole. Also, that web site has all sorts of other options as well. You may find a color leather with O rings that could work.
  3. I think honestly it will be more trouble than it's worth. Perhaps sell the bag and buy a crossbody. Unless you think it would hurt your sisters feelings! If it HAD to be done, i think you could probably convert the backpack straps to a crossbody strap, but it wouldn't be super pretty. And I would definitely have it done at a workshop. I'd estimate abour 2-3 hours work?
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