How to make the bag "your own"

  1. I was wondering if any of you add charms/scarves/trinkets to your purses to make them different? Especially for a PST, is there anything to make it unique? However, I think the Chanel bags are so beautiful on their own that maybe they don't need anything... What's your input?
  2. I've seen several people add charm and scarves that just look adorable.
    I seem to change my bags too often so I haven't done it - but I sure have seen some cute ones :smile:
  3. I don't add anything to my Chanels as I love how they look as they are.
    But I have seen some people add scarves and the added touch is quite chic.
  4. I don't add anything either but would love of those Chanel phone charms, pity they didn't give them away in the UK as they are going for ridiculous prices on eBay at the moment
  5. Nah, i did do anything maybe cos i change my bags so often....keekee....
  6. I was wondering about charms as well....I like my JUmbo the way it is...but would like to dress up my DS tote a little..hmm
  7. i don't :p i don't have the time as when i go out, i only have like less than 5 mins to pick the bag i'm going to use and transfered my stuffs from the other bag.
  8. Yeah, I lould love a charm for my Chanel. Otherwise, I don't accesorize them. Thy are beautiful just the way they are.:p
  9. I think they are beautiful the way they are or with a scarf. Personally, I am not a fan of charms on bags, but I think that is because I used to work for COACH and got annoyed with people cluttering their bags with 3 and 4 charms at once, not to mention having to fix display bags with multiple charms on them!
  10. I once tied a pink scarf around a classic flap and got lots of compliments but like everyone else I don't have time to do it normally, I'm always in a rush.

    I'd really like to know other ways to accerorize chanels though
  11. I don't ever put anything on my bags but sometimes I'll exchange my chanel wallet for a cheap Hello Kitty wallet. :smile:
  12. Hahah yeah.. I carry my Chanel PST with a Hello kitty wallet that cost $4.50... that's probably not a very common combo! haha
  13. I would like a charm for my bag, but thinking of putting an LV charm on my Chanel bag doesn't sit right with me. I'd like something that mimics the Chanel vibe.