How to make sexy "bed hair" that is wavy like Shakira's (pix inside)

  1. Does anyone know how to make my hair look like this below?
    I tried using a large barrel curling iron but it doesn't turn out like that.
    Should I use velcro rollers instead to make it look like this?

    Btw, I have long straight thick black hair and it's a bit to hard to curl, I'm not sure how well velcro rollers work with straight asian hair. Or should I be using hot rollers or a smaller curling iron instead (the one I have know is pretty thick)?


  2. I think you can acheive a similar wave by using velcro rollers on damp hair treated with hair gel (i.e. Bed Head Sculping Lotion). Once it's dried and finger brushed, run mousse over the areas you want some thickness.
  3. Big rollers, fixing spray, and scrunching your locks with some non oily hair wax... By the way Shakira's hair is naturally curly, and these picks show lots of extensions too. I think its hard to achieve this look.
  4. I have pretty straight hair and I can create this look fairly easy. I use Curls Rock! by bed head, and scrunch like crazy.

    Towel dry your hair, apply the Curls Rock! (big dime for shoulder length hair)...scrunch and tousle as it dries (I like to let it dry on it's own, it seems to work better). Do not brush!! Once it dries, hang your head upside down and spray with hairspray of liquid gel and scunch like crazy...stay upside down until the hairspray dries. Use your fingers to shape and seperate at needed. Use a crling iron as needed for any flat or hard to manage places...I always need to curl my bangs.

    HTH, good luck :smile:
  5. welll, I just did this w/ my hair in about 3 minutes w/ the ghd flat iron (I used a curling technique)

    It isn't as sexy looking as Shakiras, but then again, I don't have naturally curly hair or extensions! lol. But hopefully you get the idea...In the past I used gel or "scrunched" my hair to make it look wavy, but I have since discovered that you can get a similar look w/ a flat iron- that way, you can tame it a bit, and it just feels a lot smoother and more manageable. :smile:
  6. I think you can achieve the look with curling iron (take larger bangs)then brush your hair a bit, go to bed....and in the morning just apply a bit of shine voila !!!
  7. Thats pretty much exactly what I did when I had longer hair. Havent tried it with my short hair...
  8. Well the first step to achieving her look is to not touch up your roots for months at a time. Then you get extensions and don't touch them up either. Don't wash it too often but continue to shake your hips to distract from your lack of hair care.
  9. ^ LOL

    When I wear my hair like that, I blowdry it upside down for lots of volume. Then I set it in big hot rollers (~15-20 mins), take them out, run my hands through it and spray it with hairspray.

    If your hair is thick and straight, the velcro rollers probably won't add enough curl for the look you want. All they do for me is add a little volume :shrugs:...