how to make purse straps longer????

  1. I just bought a beautiful Cole Haan bag, but the straps are too short to put over my shoulder. Has anyone ever gotten their purse straps altered at a repair store to make them longer? I hate to alter the purse, but wonder if it is an easy thing to do. Your help , suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. the changing strap part is easy enough, a leather repairer can do this fast. but to found the same leather that matched your bag is the hard part :P
    good luck
  3. It all depends on how much detail is on the strap.

    Flat turned edge or raw endge handles are very easy to alter or even stretch a little...

    but if the strap is woven... or has some sort of distinctive details on it.. it might get a bit difficult. Maybe show us a pic of your bag in question?
  4. Thanks so much for replying! I am going to keep the bag for sure now that I know you can change the handles. I will try to post a pic so you can see the purse handles. Thanks again!
  5. Order a spare strap for your bag from the maker of the bag and buckle the two together. This way your leather colour and everything match. All you need is a couple of nice buckles or rings to join them. Usually beyond your high st repairer to start joining the straps any other way without making a pigs ear of it.