How To Make New Friends

  1. I recently got married (well almost a year ago now) and we moved from Houston to Austin. While a few of my college friends still live here (we did go to college in the Austin area) we don't hang out often. My question is, how do you make new friends in a new town when you are 26 and married? The people I work with are all older and married with kids (we don't have kids and don't plan on having any for awhile) and other than that I just don't have a clue. I would like some "girlfriends" to go shopping with on the weekends or meet up for coffee. I mean sometimes you just need to hang out with the girls. Do you ladies have any suggestions?:smile:
  2. join an exercise class at the gym, go regularly. you'll become one of the girls in no time.
  3. I learned this. In my whole lifetime, even before I went to high school and collage I must've gone to four different schools or so, (either switching, or some schools had problems) so that's six schools altogether. I learned this the hard way. Just join as much stuff as you can. That's the key. Join a bunch of classes or activities, a lot of them, even if some of them don't even interest you. Once you start showing up regularly, you'll make friends, and itll keep your schedule really busy. Trust me.
  4. ^ Good suggestion guccimamma!

    (I'm married & 24, no kids.) I have this problem too... when we moved to the suburbs of Chicago, I didn't really know anyone. I ran a dance studio with 125+ girls, but after talking with them & their parents all day long, I didn't have much time to miss hanging out with friends... ;)

    We just recently moved to MI, and I don't know anyone here. I am starting graduate school (tonight - yikes!), so I have a hunch I will meet ppl that way, out of necessity to prepare for classes, etc.. Also, I have met some fabulous PFers in person!! :yes: It is great to find people with similar interests, especially to go shopping with!
  5. I agree- join a gym or club! Another option if that doesn't work out would be to check personal ads for your area, or craigslist, I am sure there may be some people looking for just companionship, but be safe about it!

    One more- take a regular trip to a local coffee shop or starbucks and strike up conversations. Take a chance and ask someone that you hit it off with to go for lunch one day. Be honest and say that you just moved to the area and don't really know anyone. If they say no, then just move on!
  6. I agree w/ getting out there.
    If you aren't out there, you can't meet/mingle!

    Are you in a neighborhood? Can you get involved?
    Go for walks where you live, be friendly.
  7. Pick an activity you enjoy and you should meet other people. I had no desire to mingle and make new friends at my gym. I am there just for my work out. However, you start seeing the same people over and over, hard not to make new friends. Funny, because we still don't socialize at the gym, but we make it a point to get together on weekends or early weekdays. (however, we all have kids). You will meet new people in no time!
  8. Another idea would be to sign up for those classes at the gym where you see the same people on a regular basis! Like a spinning class or aerobics. Or even kickboxing and karate- double bonus a good workout and meeting people! Last year I took some salsa dancing lessons and that was a very nice experience. I had to stop because they raised the price, but it would have been a great opportunity to make friends.
  9. Thanks for the advice girls, I appreciate it! We live in an area that is a nice neighborhood but close to the University campus, so it's predominately college kids, not really my crowd. Been there, done that:yes:
    However, I've been meaning to join some sort of work out class so maybe this is the push I need!:wlae:
  10. If you enjoy reading, join a book club. Generally, the public library offers discussion groups for different genres. Also, check the bulletin boards at Starbucks, bookstores, local coffee shops or Panera... they might have notices for book clubs. You could also start your own. I belong to one that I found through Oprah's website. There's a place on it to find a book club in your area. One woman listed it and we all joined. We've been together three years now! And we don't read "Oprah books". I'm actually meeting my other book club tonight:smile:

    Good luck!
  11. man, my "book club" should just be called the "booze club" i don't even remember what book we are supposed to be reading. but it sure is fun.
  12. Join the local branch of the American Association of University Women - AAUW.

    These women are dedicated to the betterment of girls and women everywhere.

    If you have an AA, RN, BS, BA, or advanced degree you are eligible for membership.

    Find a local branch at

    Be sure to check out several branches in your area. I had to skip 3 branches close to me to find a "good fit" between the interests of the branch and my own.

    If you are in a large city, your college may have an alumnae association there. Phone your college to discover if this is the case.

    If neither above options work for you, join a volunteer group. Red Cross, Food Bank, Girls Club, etc etc etc. You will meet like-minded women and make friends.

    The above has always worked for me.

    Good luck!
  13. What are your interests? If you garden, check out the local garden club, rose society, etc. If you're an astronomy buff, maybe there is a a group of other astronomy buffs who meet every second Thursday at the library. And speaking of the library, if either or both of you are avid readers, the library is a great place to ask about book clubs.

    It is kind of like being the new kid at school, you just sort of have to poke around and look for the clubs and activities that match your own interests, and are thus likely to contain people with which you will at least have one thing in common, and go on from there!
  14. Check out and sign up for groups in your area that share similar interests. I also second the Craigslist recommendation - if you look at Activity Partners or Groups there are typically other women that are looking for female friends who post. I joined a Cooking Club through Craigslist and now five couples take turns hosting dinners at their homes. Most of them just moved to the area as well so we are all new. Good luck!
  15. A few years ago I was feeling similarly and decided to start taking classes (language, art, cooking, etc.) and I was amazed at how many friends I met! Try enrolling in an evening class just for fun - you may be surprised at who you meet.