How to make my forehead smaller

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  1. Hello guys
    So i have a big and wide forehead
    And i want to know how to make it smaller
    What are the procedures :smile:
    Thanks in advance guys :graucho:
  2. you could get your hairline shifted by getting follicles from the bottom of your scalp shifted to your hairline instead. i was considering this as well and it seems like a straightforward procedure, just the healing time and waiting for the hair to grow in will be strange :P
  3. if u do not have wide cheekbones u could also use fat grafting to balance it out. Or there's shaving but its rather invasive
  4. Google "Facial Feminisation Surgery"; there are doctors out there who cut into the scalpline (like for a face lift) and "reset" the forehead, burring bits down and repositioning the forehead bones into a better proportion for the rest of your face). It would certainly be worth researching further if your forehead really bothers you!
  5. Agreed, that's probably the single easiest way to achieve.