How to make muffins with HUGE crusty tops?

  1. I have tried many times to make muffins with HUGE crusty tops. The kind you get in bakeries.

    What is the secret?

    I use a shallow-cup pan. I add extra baking powder. I let the batter site 10 minutes.

    Anyone know the secret and care to share?

  2. ^ They usually put lots of sugar on top!!!
  3. ^ Thanks for the tip! I will try that next time.. I love muffin tops! The muffin itself.. is just okay.
  4. - It's called Duncan Hines Bluberry Bakery Style Muffin Mix.

    You need to put a lot of mix in the muffin tin and also when making add a crumb sugar mix to obtain texture.
  5. The sugar on top of the muffins make sense. I love eating muffin tops, then the actual muffin bottoms are ok. I'm getting pretty hungry for muffins now :lol:
  6. You can make your own crumb style topping too, which will give you volume. In the past, I've just mixed white sugar, some brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg (really whatever you like) and a little flour w/ a little melted butter to moisten and topped the muffins.