How To Make More Holes in Shoes Straps?

  1. Usually I will get extra holes put in my shoes when I buy them at a department store, but what do you do for shoes bought at some place like Marshall's or Ross? Is there a leather working tool to buy, or can you take them to a cobbler (how much does that cost?)? Has anyone else come across this predicament?
  2. I don't know how much it costs but I would take them to a cobbler, especially if they are expensive. I'm sure there's way you can do it at home though.
  3. i agree with june... id take them to a cobbler.
  4. cobbler..they have the tool and they probably do a better job....they do it all the time..
  5. My other interest is sewing & fabric. The type of tool you are looking for would be a leather punch or an awl. I use an awl for eyelet work or basic leather punching.
  6. A cobbler will make an extra hole for $5 or less.
  7. I have my hubby drill the extra holes for me.
  8. I had a cobbler put 4 additional holes in my belt which he charged me $1 for however many holes I wanted done.