How to make LV bag patina fast

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  1. :shame: Hi,

    I just have this burning question, I personally don't like carry around new LV bags. I like to make my bag patina but it requires me to carry it everyday, right? So I ended up carry my speedy 25 a lot because it's already patina or carry other bags not LV. I need to make my mezzo, speedy 30 and keepal patina fast.I can't really carry the same bag everyday. By the way, I keep my bags in the dustbag anytime I am not using it.Is there any advice how to get even patina and fast?
  2. Go back and do a search on the forum. There are numerous threads about this. You will find some good tips and tricks.
  3. I have read that some people put them in their tanning beds!
    Also, someone left it in the car on a hot sunny day and had instant patina.
    Definitely sunshine, putting by the window, etc. will make it patina faster but depending on the amount of sunshine will dictate how fast it patinas.

    I like it both new/light and with patina so I am going to buy mine new so I can enjoy the whole process, and it will be uniquely mine!
  4. About the whole leaving it in the car on a hot sunny day, will that ruin the leather at all?

    It's getting hot and sunny here now! So I look foward to tanning my new speedy soon
  5. it won't because it's not like it's losing moisture.. since the area just gets humid/warm.. humidity helps to patina it faster too..

    so.. while you're taking a hot shower, stick a bag in there with you. hehe. the hot steam should help it out.

    oh, and stop storing them in the dustbags. the more air flow the vachetta has, the faster it'll patina.. so basically, grab a hairdryer and get at it. hahaha.
  6. Use the apple lotion on it. It will get darker much faster!
  7. i've been sunning it next to a window for a week.. and it's patina'd a little! =D
  8. I wonder . . .I have daylight ballanced lights (5500 Kelvin) in my studio and I'm wondering if I left the Speedy under the lights (they don't put out any heat) all night long, whether that would accelerate the patina. (I would use the window by day, so I would target as close to 24/7 as possible.) Do artificial lights work if they are daylight balanced? Or is there something special about real sunlight?
  9. Buy used. :amuse: Seriously, I haven't used my new LV's yet, I prefer the used ones I purchased on ebay (absolutely authentic). The new ones look ugly and fake for some reason. :oh: Just leave it in the sun, and you have to carry it a lot because the natural oils in your skin will darken the leather. I know wearing hand lotion will darken the leather as you carry it, but I am not sure to what extent or if it's a postive.
  10. Definitely start using the bag. I've been using mine for two weeks and it started to change colors. If you carry it around your house or leave it by any light it should begin to change. I left the lights on in my closet for two days and my bag began to darken. I thought that sunlight/natural light was required but apparently not.
  11. I'm still not sure about that whole "in a hot car for a day and POOF! patina!".
    It's was 92 degrees here today and my Batignolles was in my car A LOT and it looks no different now that it did a weeks ago. I actually am in the car a lot w/ this bag . . .

    just sayin'
  12. what is apple lotion?? is it just the apple scented lotion from like bath and body works??
  13. I think they're referring to Appleguard lotion, something you use on leather?
  14. haha omg i feel like a dork. what is appleguard? i've never heard of it :smile: