How to make leather shinier?

  1. Hello everyone,

    How do you guys make your leather shinier?
    I've heard of using Lexol on canvas but is there something for leather that will make it shinier? I got my bag dirty and after the cleaner/conditioner, that patch is still more matte than the rest of the bag. :sad:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You can try Kiwi Color Shine in neutral. I've used it tons of times. But before that you might want to try buffing the leather after conditioning it with a soft cloth.
  3. Hi. I’ve used this.


    And believe it or not, I’ve used these vinyl wipes on my pre-loved LV vinyl bags.

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  4. Have you ever tried a shoe wax? Old school, I use buff with soft leather brush. I’ve been working with leather all my adult life
  5. Would this not block the pores of the leather? I know there was some silicone in the coach leather conditioner which made it bad for leather.
  6. Idk I use very sparingly covering small sections buff immediately. I’ve use on the black leather bag that I’m trying to identify. It’s posted go look at it I think it’s in pristine condition. Thank you
  7. I would definitely not use on canvas, suede, nubuck.
  8. Yes. I have actually used the armoral cleaning wipes on the canvas of my preloved LV bags. I did not use it on the vachetta. Let me see if I can find an image on my phone of one of the bags I used it on.
  9. Ok I located the bag I used the armoral wipes on. It was on my preloved LV canvas bag I bought from Yoogi’s Closet 3 years ago. It still looks the same.

    Here it is.

    I pretty much use the leather wipes on my Gucci, Burberry & Prada leather bags when I feel a need too.
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  10. Thank you so much!!!
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