how to make clothes stay on the hanger?

  1. hi, I have wooden hangers in my wardrobe, with the grooves for straps but sometimes I have something with a side-ish neck and soft frabic and it slips off the hanger.

    the clothes shops sometimes have some rubber on their hangers to keep things on. I don;t knwo if it's possble to buy something like that :shrugs: or is there a DIY tip I could try?

    any suggestions welcome :flowers:
  2. Huggable Hangers by Joy Magano works for me.
  3. ^^^ I really want to get those! I want black but they were sold out. Are the really as wonderful and everyone claims?
  4. I SECOND THAT LVBABY! lol my mom bought my sis and i them and they totally work.
  5. Container Store and Restoration Hardware used to sell a nifty little package of black grippy stuff you just wrap on the ends of your hangers. Looks pretty good like the hangers came that way. I use it, it's great:biggrin:
  6. I get the velvet hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond and they work great. I just got the value pack and got and additional 20% off with my coupon from the mail. :tup:
    Set of 50 for $39.99 and 20% off.
  7. I hang some of my clothes by the tag on the back of the garment. Just loop the tag over the hook of the hanger and it'll stay on.
  8. I use huggable hangers. I can put anything on those suckers and it will stay on. However I think any velvet hanger will work the same.
  9. I have definitely got to buy some nice hangers. It's appalling that all my beautiful clothes are hanging on ugly plastic hangers.
  10. You could always wrap a rubber band around the "arms" of the hanger. That should provide some traction to prevent your garment from slipping.
  11. I looked up huggable hangers and they are ridiculously expensive in the UK. I'll try the elastic band thing, it sounds like it should work.
  12. Try these.
    "Grippy Hangers" from


    I use the hangers with the clips at the bottom to hold up dresses and such..they work really well..and sometimes you can clip 3-4 dresses onto one hanger to save space.
  13. nice idea... buying the new one is also good.. but your idea is really nice.. it's practical to use and less expensive! :tup:
  14. I got huggable Hangers too! I saw them on qvc.. ha!

    But yeah they are great:biggrin:

  15. Do the Mangano Huggable Hangers have swiveling hooks on them? I noticed that the Wal-Mart knockoffs do not swivel.