How to make bruises go away faster???

  1. I popped some pimples last night and I used one of those blemish tools which made the skin around the pimples bruise really badly. I'm going on vacation in a week so I'd really like something that would help them to go away faster, other than a cold compress. Help!
  2. No idea sorry, though I would have used salicylic (sp?) acid instead of popping them, they would shrink in 12 hrs.
  3. I know Arnica is supposed to help bruises heal faster...I think there are creams and gels of it.
  4. Supposedly eating foods with vitamin P helps.
  5. Next time use cortisone cream or put the aspirin mask over your pimples instead of popping. That would prevent the bruises and it's an effective way to get rid of pimples quickly :tup:
  6. that was the first thought that came to me too. Arnica can help wth sweling and bruising - Ive used it with success (in tablet form though) after surgery. Watch the ingredients ist though, Id personally avoid ointments or creams that have petrolatum or mineral oil listed.
  7. You could try massaging the bruised area-to help the blood clot disperse.
  8. arnica and vitamin p
  9. yup aspirin gets rid of inflammation!

    Also, what I usually do is but some benzoyl peroxide on the pimple and it really helps
  10. If you bruise easily, make sure you get enough vitamin C. I take a supplement with bioflavanoids and I truly notice a difference!
  11. Wish i read this thread 10 years ago.....good to know.
  12. This is very useful info :smile:
  13. First get a hard-boiled egg (use it right when it is boiled, don't wait till it chilled), remove the shell then wrap it in a thin handkerchief then use the tip of the egg to massage on the bruised area in a circular motion like applying roll-on products (I hope I am explaining it clearly :p) Do it until the egg gets cold. Do NOT eat the egg afterward, it is bad!
  14. Dab Witch Hazel on it as often as possible, my MIL says about 10 times a day! But, it works! Within a couple days the bruise will be gone completely.
  15. Arnica!!!