How to make basics special: Get them signed!

  1. I can't believe my shoes were shipped so quickly!

    I got brown Simple 100s and black calf VPs with red tip :yahoo:

    Taking pics now...
  2. Okay here you go!
    I'm still a CL novice so I didn't get the flashy shoes. I stuck with classics. It may have been smarter to get a collector's item-type shoe for M. Louboutin to sign :p but I'm still very happy!
    Louboutin 001.jpg Louboutin 002.jpg Louboutin 003.jpg Louboutin 005.jpg Louboutin 007.jpg
  3. Congrats you did very well , so smart and sexy I love both and the VP's with the red tip are my absolute favorits!
  4. I've never thought about having to seal my shoes or anything, but that post a few days ago with the varnish/shellac...I may have to do that for these!! :p
  5. Love them both. Great go-to basics.:heart:
  6. Great choices!!
  7. Ahhh they look wonderful! And man, that was super fast! Thanks for posting the pictures!

    I would have stuck with the classics as well, so I can't blame you. Congrats!
  8. That's great! Both basics, but having that siggie makes them even more special.
  9. They both look amazing on you. Great, classic choices. Congratulations! :yahoo:
  10. Two very excellent choices!
    They look great on you!
    That was super fast shipping WOW!!!
  11. [​IMG]
    i love his signature!

    the shoes look great on you, great investment pieces, i'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of them!
  12. nice, fanaddict. i love the simple pumps.
  13. Very hot and a great choice for both shoes. I love the VP with the red tip. I had mine send to work so I hope they arrive Monday.
  14. wow, he has an awesome signature....
  15. Wow!!!!