How to make an exchange if no receipt given?

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  1. i realized after i got home yesterday that the SA didn't give me my receipt when i bought my turtle keyfob. I want to exchange mine for another turtle because i swear the little eyes on mine are crooked and it is driving me crazy.

    I paid with a credit card though. will they let me exchange it?

  2. It shouldn't be a problem. I've exchanged a beauty case before for a different color and didn't have a receipt. They just wanted my phone number and it was fine. You shouldn't have a problem in exchanging it. :yes:
  3. There won't be a problem exchanging or getting a refund. Coach has a record of the transaction even if they didn't give you a receipt. Don't worry about it :yes:
  4. thanks all!
  5. If they have a record of the transaction, does that mean they also have a record of exactly how much that item was that you got? Meaning, if it was purchased with a discount or not?
  6. As far as I know, yes-- We have records of everything, even prices: this is how we keep track of the amounts spent by customers for deigning who gets PCE invites, as far as I know-- Sprinkles and Ms. Whitney, correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. The receipts are only in the computer for two weeks and then they fall off. Managers will only use this in extreme situations in place of a reciept as well. The majority of customers don't get PCE invites because of how much they spend, it's mostly random. Of course the top customers in the store get one each time, but that's moreso frequent shoppers.

    Whew! You're learning quickly though! It's a lot to take in.
  8. Wow... some associates gave me trouble when i went to return the carly that i got from the same store earlier that day, because they didnt give me the receipt it came with (it was shipped to the store)

    they made me feel uncomfortable like i was trying to get over on them or something :sad:
  9. you should be fine....
  10. I was able to exchange a purse at a store without a receipt (I had gotten a black one as a birthday present and wanted a gold one instead). The SAs were super nice and helpful about it!