How to make a floppy purse stand up

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    I have a purse that just won't stand up unless I stuff a pillow or something else inside it. Extremely irritating.

    Here's my solution. Now it stands up:

    I had a box from Ikea meant for organizing clothes. The purse has a near square bottom, and the size fits. Now I can use it!

    Do you guys have any other ideas for giving structure to a floppy bag - while using it?

    Here's why I did this: I was using a wannabe Neverfull every day to lug phones etc between floors of my house. The straps weren't likely to last long with daily use, and I wanted a bag with a solid strap and open maw that would hold my stuff. I was about to buy a new tote when I started plotting ways to make this one structured so I didn't have to buy a new one.

    What's in it: Phone, cell, iTouch, keys (with a tiny emergency hammer - recommended, I'm sure you can find something similar on eBay), and various bits and pieces. The organizer is similar to Pursebright, but bought cheaply on eBay. I'd previously given up on it, but now it works.

    Oh, the purse is Rioni Aristo (brown) Top Flap Drawstring Bag.
  2. Great solution, OP! I do something similar with my floppy bags to make them stand. I use the Divide and Conquer organizers in them and then they are good to go.
  3. Yup purse organizer :yes:
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    Purse To Go organizer and some others would probably work too, but none of my three types would work.

    Here's a thread with Divide and Conquer and some other ideas:

    I just discovered my purse is just big enough for an Ikea shoe organizer, although slightly too short. Might be an idea for a floppy backpack.
  5. LOL!! You are too much! I love it. Similar to be using a shoe box top as a base shaper for my speedy bag. LOL
  6. Haha, good thinking.

    I'm not sure a purse organizer would work with my purse. It's got a square bottom and it's tall. For that reason a square box works. Each purse is different, but this one was a challenge.. I guess my message is that you shouldn't limit your thinking to purse organizers if you've got a stubborn, unusually shaped purse.

    Also, I would have trouble getting hold of a Divide and Conquer in my country, looks like. Shipping from the US from websites other than eBay is usually problematic. We don't have the Container Store either (big gripe). In countries like mine, Ikea is the main organizing trouble shooter!
  7. If my bag is meant to flop, I let it flop. There's something rather dreamy about a pile of leather lusciousness.
  8. I think a bag organizer would work!
  9. Agree!
  10. I'll give you that. But I don't like a tall covered canvas bag that can't stand up. I love totes that stay upright. Now I love the bag I didn't know what to do with.
  11. OP, your purse looks really pretty. What's the brand?
  12. Sorry OP, I just read where you identified your purse.
  13. I'll shoot a series of pictures with my purses soon. That particular purse isn't all that popular, so almost no pictures online. Hence why I didn't know it was floppy.
  14. Thanks. I'd love to see pics. I just buy what I like. I don't care if the purse is popular or not.
  15. How do you like the Rioni brand? They look very nice online, and I have been considering one.