How to make a Diorever bag - DiorTV

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  1. I am kind of just recently obsessed with this bag.

    First, I wanted to share this video on the making of the Diorever.

    I haven't had a chance to see it in person because I never have a chance to visit stores.

    I've been scouring for more modeling photos and love love seeing some of the lovely ones here on TPF (forgetmenot301 your Tapioca is TDF) and am so hungry to see more!

    Does anyone know which stores carry what? I also glanced at Dior Finds and saw a few pinks but didn't see lists of stock or what each entity has ( Saks, for example...)

    I'm kind of torn between the medium and the large, and between the mahogany bullcalf or the noisette prestige calf. The patina over time for the latter sounds so amazing but I love the crisp put together look of the bullcalf. Ai. What an amazing invention.
  2. Thank you for sharing this video!

    All Dior boutiques and concessions should be carrying the Diorever. As for the stock, the boutiques usually carry more styles and colour options.

    I recommend the bullcalf. The grain on the leather is gorgeous, and can also make scratches look less visible than the smooth surface of the prestige calf.
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    Thanks averagejoe! I do like the bullcalf. Reminds me of Togo. But more structured.

    I have been reading on blogs etc a lot of people comparing this to the look of the Birkin but to me as the owner of several Birkins and Kelly's I disagree. I think this is actually the perfect combo of something like the elegance of a Kelly, with the whimsical colorway combo potential and collectibility of the Fendi peekaboo, and the structured two-way cross body versatility of the Prada saffiano tote. And then add the novelty of the covered magnetic flap. To be worn open and closed and having yet a "double" flap inside for the open carry wear. Looks to me like they thought of everything.

    I live 10 minutes from a Dior boutique and I hope maybe I can see it sometime soon. I also love the black bull burgundy interior. They can do so much with that... I bet they will come out with that beautiful indigo/navy exterior deep fucshia interior too... How amazing would that be.

    For those on mobile iPhones, that vid doesn't seem to work and looks like a standing photo with music in the background at least on my phone. Here is the vid on YouTube