How to maintain a 'skin' purse?

  1. My fashionably iconic mother gave me her TDF clutch:yahoo: . I'm not exactly sure but i'd say it's a snake skin. It's so gorgeous, and she's of course had it for decades. It's in awesome shape, but I want definitely want to maintain its beauty. I know you can moisturize leather with a proper conditoner, but can anyone suggest how can I maintain skin?
  2. ^lucky! Would love to see pics! I have no idea how to answer your question though...but congrats!

    Oh yeah, I'm sure someone here will help you but if I didnt have tpf I'd google it.
  3. Lol i'm sorry I don't know either, I just wanted to comment on how confused and slightly scared I was just reading the thread title :sweatdrop: (how cute is that emoticon?!).
  4. haha! lol..eww skin purse.
  5. :roflmfao: oopsie, lol! didn't even think about it! haha! I've been trying to brainwash DH lately that I want a skin Birkin that 'skin' didn't even register that it could sound weird! haha. Would love 2 post pics, but I left my clutch is at my mother's! :s