How to Love them All?

  1. Hi Guys, I am worried bc I have 3 dogs, a lhasa April, a toy poodle Miki & my chi Oliver. They all want to be my number one love and I love them all but they always want to be the only one on my lap, or they all want to sleep in the bed at nite.

    I feel so bad bc I can't fit them all on me and my hubby won't let them all in the bed, so I have to chose one. It breaks my heart. sometimes I wish I only had one bc then they could get all my love but then to see them all play together is the sweetest thing. Two are rescues and I couldn't leave them behind. I just love all of them.

    what do you guys think? am i really a bad mom? is there anyway i can not let anyone feel left out?
  2. awwww,, you're a wonderful Mommy,, don't worry!! Maybe you can rotate them with lap time, and each night let a different one on the bed with you!! Aww,, I have a chi, and she is very territorial with us lol,,, Maybe after rotating lap time with the dogs,, they'll understand it after a few days, and will not be so demanding of your attention!! It's worth a try right?? lol:yes:
    I would love to get another Chihuahua,, but I think mine would be jealous if all of the attention wasn't on her!! She gets along good with my cat though!
  3. Maybe you could buy them all beds to put in your bedroom and try to train them to sleep in them at night. Or like Britanny said, rotate. Orrr buy them a big bed so that all of them can sleep together!!
  4. Hmm maybe tell your hubby to get a new bed?? JK

    I would rather sleep with 0 dogs in the bed than just 1. I don't think that dogs really think along the lines of "oh OK its Oliver's turn tonight...I will get to be in the bed tomorrow night".

    Like Danica suggested, I would get them a big dog bed to put in your room so that all 3 dogs can sleep together.
  5. Hmm...I know its terrible of me but...I have my favourite (the first dog) of the three. Luckily my bf loves them all and lets all 3 sleep on the bed.
    lol... its so nice in the winter when their fuzzy fur keeps us warm but summer? *ahhhh hot!!*
  6. I think the suggestions here are good. Perhaps if they haven't been crate trained, now would be a good time to start and in the bedroom so that they can be close to you. I think that rotated them might confuse them as to who is alpha though, but I admit I don't know much about dog training. :shrugs: I say put all them of them to bed at night somewhere else.
  7. Thanks everyone :smile: I have thought of rotating them but like you said Couture, I can see they don't understand...they just look sad and confused. and omgosh I have broken up with my hub bc of this! I have moved out and everything!
    Yorelica, I know they feel so good and warm next to me! its like the afternoon sometimes they take naps with me and I love it.btw your furbabies look so beautiful in your aviatar! I love that pic:love:
  8. ^^You left your husband because of this? Or did you just get another bedroom? Sorry i'm confused? In order to show that they are all equal in your eyes, you must treat them equally, so if that means only one can come on the bed with you, then find a place in your room where all three can sleep.
  9. Huh?? You left your DH for a dog?? I love animals and all, but come on! I think perhaps you're going to an extreme? :shrugs: :s
  10. princess: how are you doing my dear? what you moved out? Aww you know what - you know your priorities and if he cannot love your babies the way you do, I think you did whats best for the ones you love most.

    :smile: take care. let us posted.
  11. Well actually if it came down to this personally, then that would mean that my husband wouldn't have respect for me if he couldnt respect my dogs, but i would have hoped to find this out before i married him though, but if it came to that point where he forced you to choose between him or your dogs, then i support you.:flowers:
  12. Aarti-- ITA!!!
  13. You'd leave your husband because he doesn't want to sleep with three dogs in his bed? Does he know that? :lol:

    You said that this means he doesn't respect her or her dogs ... but on the flip side it sounds like she doesn't respect his opinion either. She brought home three dogs and I'll bet he didn't want any and protested each time another one was brought home. That's not exactly respectful either. :shrugs:

    ETA: This is all purely speculation as the OP didn't elaborate much as to the reasons she left her DH.
  14. ^ I'm sure there is more to it! damn, give the girl a break. Also if my husband (for example) gave me an ultimatum between him and my know who i'd be choosing! (I would never put up with that kind of B/S) luckily DH loves our baby just as much as me!

    It's really like having to give up a kid. It's also our responsibility to take care of them, you don't just cast something aside. Someone who loves you would never do that to you though. So that's a pretty good indicator. That's my two cents.

    Princessme, I hope you are doing ok.
  15. Danica--I couldn't agree with you more.

    I am so lucky that my fiancee is almost as much in love with our furkids as I am!! :smile: