How to lose weight after giving birth..

  1. Hi guys! I'm giving birth this coming August and oh well.. I'm on my 5th month already right now and I think I gained 20 lbs. already.. Please share me your ideas on how you lose weight after giving birth... It would be a great help for me! Thanks!!!
  2. is that your DD on your avatar?
    If so, what worked best last time?

    For me, not gaining too much weight during pregnany - enough of course! But I didn't over indulge.
    Nursing for about 6 months will do it afterwards if you were at ideal weight prior to baby.
  3. Yep, she's turning 5 this year. I was only 18 when I gave birth to her and I lose weight because I got back to school at that time. Days, I go to school, Nights, I'm a full time mom taking care of her. So that's why I lose weight. But right now, I don't know how to lose weight since I'm out of school already and my work doesn't really include much physical exercise (lol.. just sitting in front of the computer the whole day.)

    They said breastfeeding will make you lose weight fast after giving birth, I don't know about that because I haven't tried it on my first baby. But I'm willing to try that on my second baby if it's true! :biggrin:
  4. it's true for most of us for many reasons, the best part is breastmilk is best! :biggrin:
  5. yes breast feeding works! i breast fed my daughter and i was back in my reg. jeans in about 3 wks...

    it shrinks the uterus some how and it is sooo much better for the baby! my lil girl is 2 and i have only had to take her to the doc. because of being sick like maybe 4 really makes their immune sys. so much better

    at least give it a 2 wk try, that'll help u both
  6. I breast fed for about 10 months and most of the weight came off in the first 3-5 months.

    Good luck!
  7. 20 lbs at 5 months is not excessive. I think 40 lbs is the max you should gain total to be healthy (a lb. a week is totally normal). I am a little under that bc my metabolism is going crazy fast (usually its verrry slow)! If I dont eat all day, I end up losing almost a lb. a day. I can't wait to start losing the weight. At first I will just try breastfeeding, walking, and maybe an exercise dvd. If I dont lose a lot in 6 months, I'll try dieting and more exercise, the only ways to lose weight! Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, 500-600 per day.
  8. ^ Wow! And I always thought celebs were full of it when they said they lost weight through breast feeding.
  9. no, no! It's a GREAT weight loss boost! but you have to be careful and not get greedy. . .
    people think "oh great, I'll eat the same, but breastfeed!" but your nursing body needs some extra calories or milk production will be compromised.
  10. Breastfeeding does work and it's best for baby--which is the most important benefit. I breastfed with both our boys and I never had a problem losing my baby weight within a few months post delivery. I also worked out and I think that helped as well. No real dieting however. I eat healthy most times anyway but I never deprive myself. If I want something I eat it. I just watch the portion size.
    Also, I gained around 40 pounds with each child...all of that came off with breastfeeding and exercise alone without much effort.
  11. Yes, breastfeeding helps you lose weight. I lost all my baby weight a few months after giving birth by breastfeeding and generally taking care of baby, stopped breastfeeding, gained some weight. There is a lady at work who is always pumping her milk in the bathroom (poor girl, they don't provide a private room for her) and she is a skinny size 0 or something!
  12. Well, I could not breastfeed (my 18 month old has only been sick once) but what I do is eat 3 small meals per day (oatmeal and a citrus fruit-orange, grapefruit) for breakfast, 3 pieces of whole sliced meat for lunch (lean turkey, roast beef or ham) rolled up in a piece of cheese (and I put oregano, rosemary, basil leaves inside for flavor-herbs satisfy your pallet) with a small salad with vinegar only and roasted peppers or tomatoes (again, more flavor makes you feel more satisfied and roasting peppers or tomatoes adds just enough flavor to make salad less every day bland) or I use anchovies, dinner is a 1/4 lb of meat of choice, grilled with lots of garlic and herbs and a veggie- steamed with garlic and oil. I drink a 6 ounce glass of milk for an in between snack 2 times a day and at night I have a handful of roasted, unsalted mixed nuts and dried fruit. I also don't consume anything after 7pm. Twice per week we eat a pasta or special dish but I only eat a small portion. For exercise I keep all of my son's things in his room on our 2nd floor so that each time he needs a diaper or clean-up, I HAVE to go up and down the steps. I was back in my pre-baby clothes in a month and now my biggest problem is that nothing fits because 18 months later, it's all too big. I only gained 21lbs. during my pregnancy (I followed the same diet with plenty of vitamins-now I take a multi daily one). I do also indulge when I have an urge, I will have a little ice cream once in a while or a bit of chocolate. I only drink coffee with cream and tons of water and unsweetened tea. I found that the key is to make myself satisfied through flavor not abundance. We have tons of fresh and dried herbs and I play around to see what gives our foods the most flavor. The smell and taste is great and it really does make me feel like I am getting more even though I eat less. At any rate, everyone is different, each pregnancy is different and don't worry about what will happen...enjoy the "baby glow" time while you have it!!!! LOL I wish you all the best!
  13. Hmm. I have to say that I don't think breast feeding helped me loose weight at all. Maybe the first part of my weight loss, but I felt that it made my hungrier and that my body held on to a certain amount of weight and fat for dear life while I was breastfeeding. In fact, it wasn't until after I stopped breastfeeding that I was able to shed that remaining weight- BUT let me say this! I would not have changed one minute of it- I am thankful I was able to breastfeed, and would do it all over again because it is so good for the baby! And it does wonders to help your cervix heal from labor and delivery!

    What worked (and is still working) for me is following a regiment that I can stick to. For me, I do provida- which is based upon your body type, and you eat 5-6 small meals a day, while cutting out a bunch of stuff while you are trying to loose weight. But you should be very careful of following ANY diet plan while you are breastfeeding and should absolutely consult a doctor before doing anything to loose weight. It is vital that you receive enough nutrients, calories and fat while you breastfeed, and some diets just aren't good for you during that phase. So talk to your doctor once you have decided on a plan that fits your lifestyle to make sure it is safe for you and baby!

    BTW- don't fret too much about gaining weight during pregnancy. Your body will do what it needs to, and for some, that means putting on a bit more weight. My doctor was very insistent that I not get caught up in how much weight I gained because he said I needed to put that weight on- and was still healthy! I put on 40-45 pounds (most in the last trimester) and ate really healthy and yet the pounds added up regardless of my working out or eating habits. And you know what, it all came off when I returned to my normal eating habits. Just take it slow, stay healthy, avoid any fads or extreme dieting and you will be fine!
  14. In America there are also stroller camps like Baby Boot Camp and Stroller Strides specifically for moms with babies 6 weeks and older. You get to meet with moms and exercise by taking the stroller out walking, stretching, etc. You may want to check if they have those in your area.

    I didn't personally take any of the classes but I did take my daughter walking in her stroller at the mall every other day once she had her first shots.
  15. Breastfeeding!!! Keep up with it for as long as you can and you'll see. Also, with your 5 year old and a newborn, you can rest assured that you will be burning *lots* of calories just doing the mom thing. I'm a mom of two kids under age 5 and I'm 10 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. It's fully attributable to me being too busy with my job and the kids to snack on crappy junk and lay around all day. I'm constantly running around after them, bending over and picking them up, etc.

    I think being a mom to energetic little kids is one of Mother Nature's best fitness programs!