How to look up seller history

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  1. There is an item I am interested in bidding on, but the seller just created her account three days ago and has no feedback. I am wondering whether the person may have had another ebay account with feedback I can look at and am wondering if there's a way to research it, say on toolhaus. I don't see it, but is there any way to check for other accounts, open or closed?
  2. You can check to see if the seller has changed their user name, but I don't think there's a way that you could find a seller's other accounts without having more information about them.
  3. I don't think there is a way to see that.
  4. You can only see for the 30 days after the seller has changed their ebay ID, but other than that I don't think you can see their history past that period.
  5. The icon showing an ID change is only shown for 30 days, but you can see all their ID history since the ID was opened.

    Go to their feedback page and in the upper right, one of the links is for ID history. Click that link:

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