How To Look Good Naked

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  1. Wow, what a great idea for a show! I can't be the only one watching this!

    Let's discuss when it's over? :tup:
  2. No, I am too! I just came here to see if there were posts on this new show.
    I love Carson, he just seems like so much fun to be around! I felt so bad for that girl when she started tearing up in the beginning. I give her alot of credit! She was a beautiful girl!
  3. Um, greatest show ever!? I think it might be. She was so cute and I thought it was great to see her so happy.
  4. I plan my evening to watch this show :smile:
    I hope its good.
  5. This is a great show! I am in Canada and they do not black out the nudity.
    Are they showing all of the bare breasted women on the US airings?
    Last night they ran 4 episodes.
  6. I just watched this and I LOVED it! It's kinda like What Not To Wear only nicer. I loved how happy this girl was at the end! I'll definitely be watching this again, loved it!!!!
  7. No bare breasts:wtf: on the US show! Carson in the tub and doing the spa thing with her was too cute!:smile:
  8. lololol. what the hell are you guys talking about! SEEMS MUCH FUNNER THAN WHAT ANY CHANNEL IS PLAYING!!

    so please spill the cheese. is it on hbo or something?
  9. It's on Lifetime on Friday's at 9. It has Carson from Queer Eye basically teaching a woman how to love the body she has, it's great. There will be reruns, try to catch it!
  10. I didn't know that there is a US version. I watch the UK version with Gok Wan
    as the stylist.
    How he manages to get one hundred women to show their breasts is quite liberating. I don't think anyone watching this version will ever feel as negative about their bodies as they may have felt prior to watching.
    Some of the bare breasted women are in their senior years!
  11. Loved it - great show:tup::tup:
  12. Damn I missed this. I need to catch a rerun of it. I would so be on this show. But I don't have a problem being naked. LOL
  13. I watched this last night - it was great! The lady who was on yesterday's episode looked great at the end - and so happy!

    It has such a great message - that we are all beautiful in our own way!
  14. They are repeating it today at 3pm est if anyone missed it. You can also watch it online.
  15. I love the version with Gok Wan!! He's incredible.