how to look good in a dress the next day...?!!!

  1. i have a wedding to go to tomorrow and have been keeping up with eating, exercising to fit into my dress...

    but are there any last minute things i could do?

    for example: go for a run before getting ready?

    hahaha.. help!
  2. I am sure you will look lovely! Enjoy the wedding!
  3. Maybe try drinking a lot of extra water today and get a good night's sleep :smile: Enjoy yourself tomorrow
  4. I think the actresses before Oscars have a countdown list of things to do. I think one of them is to stay away from carbonated beverages to keep bloating down. If you feel like you look smokin' hot, you will look smokin' hot. Enjoy! Just don't try to look better than the bride. HeeHee.
  5. I second what they all said -- be confident!!!

    But you could probably loose some water weight in the sauna or steam room if you would like. It is worth a try. And stay away from carbonated drinks or a big huge dinner.

    Enjoy the wedding!!
  6. Drink lots of water and green tea.
  7. just have fun! but if u must... sleep with ur legs elevated to reduce swellness in the legs. also, do arm workouts right before.. ur arm muscles have the fastest results after a workout.. so some bicep/tricep curls will bring some quick definition. and NO CARBS the day before! Good luck and have fun! i love weddings!
  8. thanks guys!!

    the wedding was beautiful... all in all, i guess all that matters is that 2 people are married and in love....!
  9. Glad you had a good time!
  10. Be careful with the green tea and water though. For some people, green tea can be a strong diuretic, so it might have you running to the bathroom quite a few times during the wedding!

    For me, I just sleep before going to a dressy event. It relaxes me, flattens my tummy, and makes me less likely to overeat during a large social event.
  11. Coffee work for me.